Support your bro!

hey, I didn’t found the section “New Items for Free” but you I think you got it.

We are family, embrace diversity and I always thought that at some point money means many thing to many people. I got few parts available that can help a brother that’s starting or who’s short on money. These parts are free. Just pay for the shipping from Paris.

The mounts and sprocket are the ones I did two years ago, they have some visual defects but work fine. One bar is missing but it works without. It’s not second hand, just new parts with little visual defects but fully functional.

The motor is just brand new out of the box.

I’m not asking for a rationale, but please be fair.


ps: this has nothing to do with Unikboards.


I’ll take the mounts. Thanks!

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shoot me a PM with your address mate. I’ll ship them tomorrow morning.


If only those fit caliber and the motor has a sensor phase :weary: I love what you’re doing nonetheless brotha :kissing_heart:

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So the motor is only the shipping costs?

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yeah of course. @Jammeslu sent me a message 30 min ago to book it so it’s no more available mate


Ah sad, but still thanks for the generosity

I was keeping this part as memories of Richard from ADS (Alien Drive Systems). This highly respected man literally changed the electric skateboarding builds with his mounts back in Endless Sphere days. A lot of credits of what people are doing today goes to him. It’s a 32T 9mm kegel drive pulley and it’s free for anyone who need to build his board.


Are the sprockets still available? Id be happy to take them if they fit on HYPA hubs :smiley:

@okp I bought Kegels couple days ago and would have good use for that :wink:

Cool initiative @okp!

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The love in this thread is palpable.

This is the community i live for.


hey mate, @Sebious already took the kegel pulley via PM.

@Acido : unfortunately they fit superstar hubs

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ok :slight_smile: anyway super cool for you to do all of this :heart_eyes:

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Is Richard still around? He was so helpful to me years ago… I have a set of his pulleys for skikes!


Vive la France!!! Vive la eSk8 community!!


Whats still available?

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hey bro, dunno I’ll send him an email to say hello in the coming days. He was on building escooters for his kid but that was like one year ago.

@bensaida : all is gone. I’ll check if I have more stuff tomorrow.


I just want to say I love you!


I know you’re saying it has nothing to do with Unikboards, but your kindness here really reflects in your support and customer service you provide for Unik!