SWE | CUSTOM 33" integrated enclosure | Ronin Cast modified | Hub motor 80kv 800w 90mm | 10S5AH (x2) | VESCs

Hi esk8ers !

I need you, you already help me a lot. All the setup all around the world you’re sharing inspire me !!

I’m building my 6th and hopefuly last build :smile: And what to be sure to go to the final, correct and best way / direction straitly !!!

https://monlongboardelectrique.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/image58.jpeg?w=480 The ideas to re-used my last deck hand made to put it to his limit with the idea to take inspiration from what makes it better and take what I like, so I wanted to:

  • Shorten and clean the tray to the max with the same wheelbase.
  • Case inlaid in the deck with access to the connectors of charge and shunt, and hatch of access to the top
  • Printing a graphic on the all board
  • The case fits into the lines of the general shape
  • Bi-color carbon finish
  • Give it a Unik look;) (hope this is the ultimate build that I no longer want to touch and rider it all year!)

La lista :

  • Deck : DIY 9 plis custom
  • Trucks : Caliber II 50° black (dont 1 usiné)
  • Wheels : Kegel 80mm
  • Bearing : Red Bones
  • Motors : Alien 6355 190KV 2.2kW (x2)
  • Mounts : Unikboards DUAL Motor for Trucks CALIBER II
  • Drivers : 15 T x 32 T Wheel Drive UNIKBOARDS for Kegel
  • Battery : 10S3P BMS
  • ESC : VESC (x2 CanBUS)
  • Remote : Mad GT2B
  • Charger : Alimentation 36-42v 4A

The drive kit is ready : I start cutting the deck … but it’s heavy, a hard and long way waiting me …

This is what I hope :

Please tell me what you think, what you will do, what could be beter … :slight_smile:

Good ride & DIY !


Hey, some news, I going with 80A Kegel that I will trie to tint so. I start working on the enclosure mold and … got some issues with the 10s3p cells pack VS 10s5Ah lipo. I change and go this Lipo for more practicity.

The deck has weel change too :


sorry, pict is better for you than frenglish word :blush:

TADA :smile:

more to come !


We want moooooooore ! :smile:

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When you turn, your wheels do not spin at the same rate. I wonder if your design (which is forcing an identical wheel speed per truck) won’t be strange to ride …

If he doesn’t try, he’ll never know :grin:

Small cosmetic surgery for the SWEet !


Motors are on the same side though?

yes, dual 6354 APS 2.2kw 190kv

ok, some news since the beginning of year :

  • Board and mold ready

  • Preparation of consumables

  • Laminating process under vacuum, carbon and epoxy resin


Unpacking !!!

Well, not so fast,… it’s amlmost a raisin fruit … but the global idea perfectly work ! And if you blink all time, it looks really beautifull :blush: I should make the process and do the finition after by hand (not by vacuum pump…). But it is not lost yet!

The black and red carbon bond is perfect ! The rest is a bit …; unsatisfactory

clean up to come :wink:


How much did it cost? Looks very nice :+1::+1::+1:

Hey ! What did you want to know exactly ? It’s about the price of the fiber parts ? got around 10 plies of carbon so around 50€ I guess … :slight_smile: Plus the benefit to Do It Yourself

Some news, I start to cut around the deck (it’s a 1th pass, I will do more after I finished to empty the enclosure :sweat:.

I start to think about the cover of the hatch …

more to come :wink:


varnishing :yum:


So I continue :blush:

I hesitated for the top trap door, Red line and I leave a central reinforcement Preparing access to the box,… Stitching haaaarrd !!

:smile: hahaha, yes my deck is crying !!!

And after :

Now empty it out of his mold !.. work work work !!


Yeeeaaahhhhh ! Great work dude ! Can’t wait to see how you will fit all the stuff inside !

:smile: Thanks a lot Pimousse, thank you for being here and participate in this sharing ! !!

Hey guys ! Design of the hatch for the top of the deck, I use my mold deck which served to make the DIY deck Result in 24h !


So, what is the result ?? :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Thanks you for following me :grin:

Same player still plays hahahaha My mistake … my wooden fall to laminate was too perfect, size is good in width by luck but in the length as I forgot to take into account the edges where the hatch will land … is too short! Either I fill the wood pulp, if it holds, but I will recommend consumables and try to find veneer without having to recommend by ten If not, it’s perfect

Good DIY & Riding WE !