Sweet Decks to make ⚡️Electric - Post your suggestions

Here are some awesome looking aluminum longboard decks that would be totally sweet if you made them electric…







They must vibrate so much, you should put shock pads.

I wouldn’t know… I hope someone pipes in and tells us lol

yo @Monk hows your board ride?

Just rock some elevator flip flops when you ride, for some foam suspension.

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Here are my favourite two decks: Jet Spud:

Landyachtz TopSpeed:


a year ago i actually ordered (and returned) quite a few boards to test their 3D surface for comfort, locked in feel and versatility. i was suprised how uncomfortable a few boards are! :open_mouth:

the clear winner is my loaded cantellated tesseract! great mold, so many great feeling spots to put your feet, super versatile, very agile, cool amount of flex - its stiff but not dead. just flexible enough to allow some damping, but stiff enough that your battery wont suffer!

landyachtz topspeed looks super fast and elegant and a really comfy mold with great locked in feel! its a really grest board, especially after i sanded it down by 1ply! the flares are maybe a tiny wee bit too high or my feet are too long :stuck_out_tongue:

cant say anything about the vanguard yet, for pushing its too high, but it carves like a snowboard, very different feel compared to the other 2.


I hope more people post thier fav decks here…I need some inspiration!

Three of my favourite - cheap stiff decks.





I recently did a review of my ThreeSix double drop … the sibling of the ThreeSix top mount shown above. Vibration is not something I really noticed on the board. There is actually some (minimal) flex in it, and so vibration is really no different to any other stiff downhill board. The fact that it’s made of metal doesn’t really make much of a difference.

I think a bigger factor in vibration are the wheels; I notice far more vibration on my street board with small hard (95A duro) wheels than on the double drop with big soft wheels.

Here’s a link to the review: https://www.reddit.com/r/longboarding/comments/4laksa/gear_review_of_threesix_tennessee_double_drop/

And, you can check out all the deck-pron, here: http://imgur.com/a/7mb1q


Sweet deck!


been done with one of the same brand

This is on my queue for my next build. I can’t get enough of mini cruisers. Landyachtz Dinghy is my favorite deck and it has this very unique, foam style grip.


Yes, I’ve been following that thread for a while. I forwarded it to Isaac (the owner of ThreeSix), and in his words “sweet!”

You and ur small boards gees

his short board builds make me want to get my powell out of the closet. I’ve ALMOST got enough spare parts to do something with it.

Also metal decks make my teeth chatter just looking at them.

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@Michaelinvegas @longhairedboy if I start dropping below 24" then I’ve gone too far

you have to. You must go even shorter. Science demands it, and it would please his magic smokeyness Lord Skatan.




i feel confident i can squeeze a few mAh onto that deck along with the drive train from an electric slot car, but there’s not much room for a receiver. It might have to sit on top between your fingers along with the button cell.