[Swiss/EU] Looking for some custom made Brackets

Hey there, I’m looking for someone with a cnc and some aluminum that could do some brackets for me, to have more clearance on my wheels and a bigger wheelbase Something like so : image But flat, so it will be easy to do !

I’m in Switzerland so if I can find a bloke from here, it would be awesome Otherwise Europe in general is good :wink:

Cheers to all

Ask @Miniproto (Swiss) I think he is able to make it!

Have you got a CAD file

Hello yes depends on what, i can most of the time.

Not yet, but it’s not gonna take long

That would be awesome ! And idea on the price I could get for them ?

Not yet as in you are going to get one?

not get one just make one myself I’ll do it sometime, but it won’t be long, it’s literally a rectangle with 8 holes on it, and a few filets

oh right you want it flat. Most people can model that :slight_smile:

Yeah I could do a drop but kinda lazy… I think I’m going with a big hole to be able to mount the trucks drop through

I have only 3 axes, so if you wish a angle on the plate it can be difficult. But i don’t calculate industry prices. So where a CNC factory starts at 250chf with programming i could start at 50 chf.

Maybe the exile could be carefully bent straight?

In a strong machine vice with heat

That would be cheaper than a custom cnc job

Like this? 30e7d84c46813413e163e5e6eaf083a015b4e359_2_750x1000 a42e0677658d26930e93589d7bfaaabb8598b251_2_1332x1000 5761ff421b77a3253ebea47c1944b25ea497a3e1_2_1332x1000


Or give skunk your monies

Yeah literally like that, all simple You got some spares ?

Really the same as the picture of @Skunk, so ne need for some fancy 4th axis

If he doesn’t have, i can do it.

Skunk bought those plates from @257 and they are hand made

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Ooof San Diego is not next door…

There seems to be the same spacing between each holes right ? so 2.5 inch all the time ? How thick the plate is ?