[Switzerland ]Police took my electric board with them

not 500bucks…Merkill needs your money so bad

Dying for a pic of a uniformed cop on an eboard.


hahahaha 'murica

Guessing this occurred in Florida? Alabama maybe?

Saint Louis

i can´t totally agree with it. even in your germoney you can´t drive everywhere 300 and you can´t drive this 300 with any car you want. If you have a fucked up car with broken brakes than the government also don´t give you to drive with this car on the street. Not saying that the rules are accurate regarding electronic vehicles , but things/the law are changing in the moment … they just super slowly as usual. It´s not right to compair esk8 with other situations in life, but as you want to do so, you think it´s more save to blast with 300km/h in a car than to blast with 65 km/h on an esk8, maybe even without helmet? And don´t come me with, “a car can hit also people which not involved in it”… you can harm others with you esk8 too… while riding and while not riding. Just imagine one board going up in flames in a closed room because of a shitty build battery… you want to be close by in this moment?

If people would be, than this wouldn´t happen so often…

with this said, I might not agree with things how they are at the moment, but to look on that only from your esk8 side of view isn´t right either.


get sure to open your maniac app and switch to 5- 10a while talking with them. Your board wont be faster than 6kmh when they want to test it :joy::joy:

“I was just pushing hard officer” i dont think they know how to use a bldc tool :joy:

But riding super fast when people are everywhere isnt cool


Here’s a better solution for dealing with cops… quad 6374s with 8 inch pneumatics and a 12s8p battery. Then you just gotta outrun them!


they will go behind you like tuu taaa tuuu taaa tuu taaa. :joy::joy:


Tuuuuu Taaaa!!!I love onomatopoeia in different languages!!! Kind of how Mexicans laugh by saying jajaja istead of hahaha…


When I will go there I will try to understand why the cop says longboards are illegal and skateboards are not (they are basically the same thing). Then I will let you all know what he says and the law articles if they exist

Hahah, I was walking with the board under my arm. Once a freind told me that in italy since skateboards are illegal his tecnique was that when he saw a cop he putted the earpods in his ears so if the cop managed to stop him he could give the excuse that he couldnt listen him screaming to stop.

Swiss here too. never heard of a differentiation between skate and longboards. they are the same… why would they not be?

I heard of a guy that got caught on the sidewalk with his eskate: 160CHF fine. Another guy got caught on the street: 650CHF fine

its a motorisiertes fahrzeug ohne strassenzulassung in switzerland.





it doesnt has to be right from my point of view, but its how it feels for me.In germany you can ride an ebike wich goes 30kmh wherever you want without any insurence , but eskateboards are limited to 20kmh since january 2019 as far as i know which is a big bang for this country because before it was completly illegal. I am not that frustrated as it sounds and we are going forevert here in germany. Anyways,15bucks would be painfull out here,too😉… and you are totally right with your thoughts. Things are about to change here slowly as usual but you are right thats ok because someone has to to this complex job🖒and you are right about accidents and things that could happen with any vihicle on the planet. All I can say is that children and people are the weakest parts in dayly traffic and I always break for everyone nearly down to zero to demonstrate that i have full control and i can break in time.

@McErono Thanks, that seems like real figures. if it goes before a judge its ~700CHF, if the police gives you a fine directly 80 - 160CHF is what i would imagine.

@MarcoMota1 I would not argue with the cops too much, it just gets you into deeper trouble. Just say what they want to hear to get your board back and pay a small fine as possible. Always remember the best advice a lawyer once gave me “don’t talk to the police” or at least as little as possible :wink:

No! Its not allowed since January… dont say this. We have a high change to legalize 20km/h in germany. But at the moment u still get fucked if u drive your board in germany.


thats why I builded my trampa we have enough woods and lakes nobody cares :slight_smile:


Oh man, I was sure i have heard it in the daily news. WTF?
Even though I have to be a very lucky guy because I ride my boards daily and I don’t really care about the police and until now they don’t care about me. Rosenmontag I passed 6 policemen on the sidewalk and they looked like :hushed: nothing more.

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Be carefully… they got me one week ago…

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yeah I always am.