Tacon 245kv mono drive and 10s4p... Will it work?

After searching around for other Tacon motor builds, I saw a lot of replies saying that because it’s 245kv, it might not be the best in terms of general performance, climbing hills etc ( I don’t plan on climbing very steep hills, 10-15% at most, but rarely). I’m building a 10s4p with Samsung 18650 batteries, just wanted to make sure everything would be fine, no problems. Will be using an Enertion VESC too.

I have basically same motor 6463-245kv in my setup and it works great ! https://youtu.be/RQ7u_qhJxi0

,… slightly lower Kv would be better not to go over erpm at full charge(42v), but other than that works great !

You could also get the 6374 192kv which is what i got for next single build.

Looks great! Thanks for the info.

@Randyc1 what do you mean with “over erpm”? 60.000 or 100.000?

@Airmacx see this thread:

I got a 10S with 190kv and get between 80% and 85% efficiency, wondering if I should upgrade to a 213kv from HK. This way I would end up with erpm 62174.70 while fully charged at 41.7V and guess that would be still fine, not sure higher kv than that is a great idea. I don’t really have a clue though, still playing :wink:


@chaka has done the math (and has a lot of experience) and has found that the voltage associated with 10S is too high for a 245KV motor when paired with VESC. It would be more ideal to use a motor 200KV or lower. If you use the 245KV with 10S, use the ERPM setting in VESC to reduce RPM below 60K.


Depends on how fast your top speed is. If it is low you can easily exceed 60k coasting down a hill.

Ha @shred looks like you beat me to it by 2 minutes!

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So, I can use 245kv with 10s, just have to tone it down a bit?

@Airmacx that is what I take away from @chaka’s post, but he should confirm before you commit that config.

According to Chaka 60,000 erpm

thanks @chaka

I got a 190kv, 10S, 83mm, 15/36 and get a real max of around 38kph fully charged, which is around 85% efficiency, overall I guess efficiency is more like 80%, like 35kph (especially when the battery is at less or around 50% charge).

A upgrade to 213kv would bring me up to a max erpm of 62174.70 with a theoretical top speed of around 50kph, assuming that I only have between 80% and 85% of efficiency I should as well still be fine in re to the 60k erpm mark right?

Need to think about it all, guess I just go for a run :slight_smile: Really wondering where I loose efficiency.

Keep in mind you can easily reach 100% efficiency speeds during a decline.

254kv at 10s is not a very good idea unless you don’t mind drv failures. It will work but it will eventually cause failures and faults during braking.

I guess so. Not having many hills here though.

But that basically means what you guys are saying is: better stay low KV and pimp your gearing and wheels if needed.

yep! There’s a reason the big players are staying under 200kv. My Evolve GT runs a 130kv motor with a very low 2.13:1 reduction.

go 8s 4p or 5p and ur good to go it will also be easier to find a charger if u wanted that instead of a bms

Well, I already have the motor, so do I just build a smaller battery pack?

im running the same setup as u

either smaller pack, or limit the eRPM on the VESC

Okay, probably limit the eRPM, since I already have all the batteries. So what exactly does it do? It limits the RPM of course, but physically, what will it do, just slow down the general speed of the board?

Also, how do I limit it? Software? Can it be done on the VESC itself?