Terrible QC by enertion... Raptor 2.0


Cold solder on a phase wire connector… nice. Thanks Jason.

@onloop @barajabali



I can solder better with my eyes closed… and i dont even know how to solder


Hi, what product did that come off of

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Hi Bara, Sorry about the off topic, just I want to know if is normal to wait a week for a response from email to support enertion.

Says Raptor 2.0 in the title (I miss these often when jumping into a thread from notifications). Looks like lots of solder thrown on top of a wire but yah not flowed into it to me, probably fed solder into the iron instead of getting the wire hot enough to flow the solder into it directly.

Yes that’s normal I have send them mail 3 time 1 week in between haven’t got any replay I think first one was beginning of June. I just gave up on em. But if make a topic and curse they will replay ASAP

Raptor 2.0…


So uhhh you going to help me out or nah

Unity or Legacy

That can be easily soldered on

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its legacy… it caused me to faceplant

You might look into suing them if you did indeed faceplant.

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That would hurt the esk8 scene

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I wouldnt sue Enertion, but i would expect some form of compensation @barajabali

its unacceptable, these things can kill people and you guys are improperly constructing the electrical components


Happy to repair it for you. You can send your etray to our local repair guy

I can repair it myself

We can hook you up with some wheels for the troubles

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Alrighty ill PM you

PMed 10chars

Don’t you live in the USA? Welcome to frivolous lawsuits.


I mean its pretty dangerous, its making me consider buying a TSG pass… not sure if wheels are going to help the next face plant from manufacturer error