Terrible QC by enertion... Raptor 2.0

Honestly, get a fox proframe. Shit is GREAT.

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Update @barajabali offered to send me a set of wheels and the newest version of r-spec hubs as compensation, as my current hubs also have issues after only barely being ridden. Will update on when i get motors and wheels. Hopefully no more gut-wrenching faceplants.

Also hopefully will get the wheels and motors in the year of 2019.


Hey I am having problems with my Raptor 2.1 Also , My Board isnt charging and the Light on the board is Green but theres no Lighting Bolt Icon.

I was told on there support web site that it is the E-tray But I dont Even Know what that is (I am a noob).

They aren’t responding to my emails and its taking forever for Support I need help badly. I spend over 1,300 $ and I even have the warrtey Yet I’m being Ghosted. Please help me.

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Hey… Who even is this person??? Can someone Explain what a E-TRAY even is?

This is the e-tray


But it’s it’s not the e-tray. What it is though, is the bms probably shit out and isn’t working. There’s been many times this has happened to others.

Just wait until your motors lock up. You’ll hate that issue even worse.

What does Does BMS mean? Also is it just the plastic cover?

BMS=Battery Management System

The e-tray is the plastic cover. Which I why it’s really weird for Enertion to tell you your issues are cause by the e-tray. The e-tray has nothing to do with why your board isn’t charging. The BMS is the issue here. Enertion will say anything to hold off it’s customers. Be aware of that.


Ok so here is my problem, I have a issue where I am trying to charge my Raptor 2.1, I will have the board and the charging brick are both plugged in and the icon to verify that the board is charging isn’t there. Further more the light on the charging brick should change red to verify that it is charging is not red but green, thus expressing it is not charging.

After looking at some forms and videos, I took apart the raptor and I don’t see any problems.(nothing looks broken) So I am hoping I can find more information in what I can do.

Yo man, better don’t say what you don’t know, you giving wrong info. The e-tray is not the enclosure, is where all electronics rest, ESC, switch, led screen, charging port and BMS

No. What you’re talking about is an enclosure…

Alright, so… Can someone show me where I can get the E-TRAY? The base plate for where other boards can rest on…?? ( Is that right?)

Exactly. It’s two pieces. Top and bottom. I’ve owned a few R2’s. I’m pretty sure I know what it is. :wink:

If you think the e-tray is why his board isn’t charging. You might want to think about it for a few. Unless you actually think it’s the plastic that’s causing it?

My point being that the plastic pieces (e-tray or enclosure) isn’t this issue at hand.

You’d have to get it from Enertion. Unless someone’s selling R2 parts around here. The e-tray is just the part that is attached to the deck itself. The electronics are attached to it. But that’s not going to fix the issue you’re having. You need them to replace your BMS if it isn’t charging correctly.

I had the same problem with my raptor 2.1. I got a replacement e-tray from @barajabali . I parted out my Raptor but I still have the BMS. I can send it to you. Note: Chargingport and powerbutton is no longer there only the BMS.


Sure! Umm but… how can you send it?