Thanks everyone I did it

Cools stuff. Tip. Once you have the connections where you want them then shrink tube the whole connection together. Stops them coming loose and they do come loose.


So full shake down complete.

  1. Good advice wheel taken off remote.
  2. Has already shrink sleeved the joints but the leads are too short. 3 extended leads.
  3. Cleaned up sharp solder joints that bit through sleeve.
  4. Moved enclosure as leads longer.
  5. Soldered up correct BT module. 7 got xmatic working- brilliant.
  6. Realised that my parallel and series had got the better of me on my design and that explained why the battery gauge was incorrect.
  7. Lock tite on all screws bolts etc. 10 buy helmet.

Problems left to fix.

  1. The motor mount( hobby king ) still comes loose and then the belt rubs the wheel?
  2. What board to build next and where to store them.
  3. Get more comfortable shoes vanns and vibration hurt my feet.
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  1. What were you thinking? What trucks? @dickyho will fix you up or @Boardnamics for cheap.

  2. Get a storage shed you will need it or a very understanding wife like Brents. Shes rare though, she has special needs training.

  3. Gazelles 4 life. At a push converse 1 stars.

Welcome to the hotel california


Got caliber trucks so open to suggestions. The storage is in hand as my wife would like the dinning room table back. Who would have thought that soldering irons get so hot! The Twizy in the garage is going to be sharing the space. As regards to understanding wife she knew I was special. Honeymoon california, me with tears of joy at Disney and then a long long drive to above san Fransisco to look at batteries and solar panels. Not the romantic trip she imagined.


My wife thinks I’m a massive nerd and calls all this lot my boyfriends.

Talking to your boyfriends darling?

Thinks shes funny.


A little harsh. Could be worse you could be watching football and hugging men in nylon tops while drinking in bars.


I do that too. Except I’m usually on my own in the front room at 3am. Ex pat way down in the colonies.

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Did not realise we still transported people to the colony’s.

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I was a man u fan living in London. I had to go. Only extreme cases it seems

Sweet! I’m down in sunny Cornwall so if any of you guys are ever down this way, give me a shout. My first DIY (and electric skateboard actually) should be finished by the end of May(!!!)

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I get down to Cornwall now and again. Not as often as I’d like though. Normally Falmouth area or Hayle/Gwithian area.

I think we were intentionally ignoring this.

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Nice build

Oh ooh I see I see

So as regards the motor mounts coming loose any ideas of replacements that I might get in the uk/Europe.

Which truck hangers do you have?

Whoosh was having a sale. Big upgrade over HobbyKing mounts, which I used for a bit and could not make work. (But I kind of suck at this.)

They do look nice the biggest hassle is ordering from outside of Europe is just a bit of a pain and always seems to involve some horrible import duty.

I order a lot from outside Europe and seem to pay imports on less than 50%

Always get them from the US but almost never from China unless the package is over a certain weight

I live in Wiltshire but visit Dorset regularly. I didn’t realize there were so many Dorset people here :slight_smile: might have to try and meet some of you next time im visiting.