"The Avenger" | Jet Spud | MAD Fury DIY Direct Drive | 12S3p 30Q | Focbox Unity

That’s what I was talking about it…portability. Forget it with my previous board :wink:


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Van Damme should know about this things. image


Since I know someone can be interested in knowing how these hub motors perform I will leave my 3 days review :wink: I am using the boar every day for my commute, around 10km a day. As I said I come from a Koowheel which for me was already at point as commute board in terms of power. Concerning the current set up the first thing I noticed is the torque. At whatever speed you are you get the kick if you push the throttle. That’s way I made a more gentle throttle curve otherwise really hard for me stand on it. I usually use it in the slow mode (nano X remote) which I think use 85% of the throttle making it predictable and safer. Of course I also tested out the full performance and here the result

I used my fitbit to clocked the speed ecc… Because it has a way better GPS than my phone (higher sample frequency). As you can see top speed of 39km/h in what I see was on a slightly incline. I don’t think my setup can go faster because it really pushes continuously until that speed and then easy cruise there. So it seems like to reach the ERPM limit. I can’t speak about durability yet but so far (except for the shining silver parts :smirk:) I am happy with them. I also use the ackmaniac’s app but I can’t find the right magnet numbers and calculate the speed correctly, for the moment the closer I can get is with 18 magnets. Although I see that the motor doesn’t draw to much, I never reach the max watt set (usually half of it is enough to reach top speed at full duty). For questions, just write :grin:

Edit: forgot to say that I weight around 83-84kg because I had the backpack with all the stuff for work and training.

Yeh I know. I thought the t-nuts would be way stronger and bla bla bla but then after installed them I realized that the bumps would be visible. In picture you notice more than in reality

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Use a wood insert nut.

Hi, I know I just didn’t have and couldn’t find them locally (I needed M4). SO went for the t-nuts. Now I have ordered them so in case I will close the holes and change it but it doesnt really bother me.

Nice build, congratulation. I’m about to built similiar setup with spud deck and diy hub, and i notice that the rear truck bolt holes on the spud deck didn’t fit the truck bolt holes on the diy hub. Did you drill another new holes?, since i haven’t built them yet i was wondering did you drill the new holes more to the front (means more short space for the enclosure or to the back of the deck. i could drill them in between the existing holes on the deck but it would be too close to eachother and i’m afraid it will weakened them.

nice build i like the theme

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Thxs man! :wink:

With DIY hub di you mean diyeboard? In my case l had 3 pre drilled hole pairs that allowed me to place the rear truck in 2 different configurations, shorter (you will get a bit more kicktail) and longer (more space for enclosure and more stable). I didn’t have to drill any additional holes. I went for the more stable configurations but in that case the last pair of hole in not on the same level than the other, that’s why I made the rear riser to follow the deck shape.

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I got the spud deck from bkb (where did you get yours?) And the bolt holes on the deck seems had different range configuration with my other board. Yes i got diyeboard hub, but they’re fit just fine with my other board holes. Hmm it seems my spud deck comes with different configuration holes. I’ll take picture when i got home.

If you check my first post you can see my part list. Anyhow yes I think you got one with a slightly different configuration. Not a big deal. You can make new holes and if the are far enough from the previous one than just leave them otherwise you can close them up with sand and epoxy, resin or whatever you have at home.

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Yea, i need to drill another holes then. Thanks bro.

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No problem.

I made my “stealth” version of the board. Same board just paint the wheels… Should I call it Avenger-X now? :smirk:

We’ll see how long it’s gonna last. Ciao


Haha nice, i also paint that silver things to black, but its made from aloy, i dont think the black paint would last. My only concern is about the truck actualy, i saw like 2 videos reporting broken hub trucks hmmm, they also provide extra trucks for sell tho but ya maybe thats why. Please update how the ride so far will you :blush:

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Yeh I saw the video too. I hope they won’t but we’ll see it. Up to now I really enjoy it. For my commute use is really the perfect size, fast enought, nice tourque and great range. I know that they are made of aluminium and paint is not the best. In the past for my motrbike I went with powder coating and anodization. I also saw cheap kit that should work pretty well but you have to know that you will use it for multiple projects otherwise is not worth it. To paint the plate I use two coats of primer and 6 of jet black. I am sure that if you sratch hard you will leave signs but yeh I hope it won’t happen. Who designed this thing probably finished the patience once there :smirk: Is your black paint lasting?

I haven’t built them yet, at the moment still 3dprinting my enclosure, mean while i’m thinking to repaint the the trucks also :grin:, i’ll make a built thread as soon as everythings ready.

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Now you made me curious. Send me the link when you start the thread :wink:

Will do :grin::+1:

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