The Babe Chaser | Carvon's Dual Hub Motors | Dexter's 12S3P | VESC x2 | Deciding on Deck, Controller, and Enclosure

Hey Everybody! I’m new to this community but this is my second build. I’m a freshman engineering student in College so still kind of a noob. My first build was a single drive Enertion mount/motor/ Mamba monster 2/ LiPo batteries/ Loaded Vangaurd/ 2.4ghz controller. Pic later.

I’m looking to do some serious upgrading for my second board and have done quite a bit of homework. So far I’ve settled on Carvon since it’s much cleaner that a mount and belt and frees up space, Dexter’s 10S3P (he’s been super helpful in this process), and 2 of his VESCs.

Battery - product/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-10s3p/ Motor Hubs - VESCs - product/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

I’m just starting to order parts but still haven’t decided on a Deck, Controller, and enclosure. Deck - I’m looking for something along the lines of a mini-cruiser. I want something smaller than my Loaded Vanguard but still able to handle high speeds. I’d be riding around campus and to downtown where there are cracks and definitely places to wipe out so I was leaning towards a kick tail.

Controller - I want to go with a nunchuk. So I was thinking the Nyoko Kama but I want decent range on the controller 50ft+ or so and wasn’t sure it could handle that. So I was thinking of disassembling one hooking up with an ATtiny and 2.4ghz transmitter.

Enclosure - Dexter is in the process of making some but I haven’t seen them and want to explore other options. I like a lot of the work @pyschokiller does with enclosures.

I’ll be sure to post some photos as stuff comes in! Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! :smile:

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Compare Carvon with @Hummie’s hubs

@Michaelinvegas I was picking between those two and ended up going with Carvon for a couple reasons.

  1. Now they have non clone authentic ABEC11 Flywheels, which are replaceable I believe vs just the thin layer of lower quality rubber for the hub

  2. I have inclines which I have to deal with <- Not sure how they compare here but I saw videos of Carvons killing some inclines.

  3. For my next build I wanted to try something new with those hubs :smile: I was gonna try to build a tiny electric board with no controller. Most likely one of these:

I’d have to use a VESC and a small battery pack. It would be a push board except it would calculate the back current to see how hard you pushed and then multiple that by a factor input that to the motor and then slowly fade away. That way it’d be like a “propulsion” board that would just enhance normal riding and make coasting much less work. Be perfect for my college campus going in between classes.

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Right on…

You thinking abt doing a Zboard type or a push assist like @lowGuido ( )

You mean a penny board like this ? DIY Electric Skateboard Belt Drive Electric Small Board With Wireless Remote Control Homemade E-board Portable Electric Vehicle

I don’t like riding short wheel base electric decks … I built a 36 inch with a small wheel base…hang on to your hats… That thing is the dart master lol…it can lay you on ur rear if you don’t have you body correct on a quick start with no push off … I guess a little one would be ok… But couldn’t get the full enjoyment of the motor…maybe a real long deck with no controls … That’s what I’m thinking abt making nexT …

Yea similar to the first link you posted except no button - it would take whatever speed you pushed to input a bit of current to your motor to make your deceleration close to 0. So I have a small board in mind for use in between classes.

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Carvon is a good choice. Plenty of torque and speed and the braking is very effective. I would recommend going with the dual motor kit and 10s or 12s battery. I’m running duals with 12s myself and the power is amazing! I am also using Dexter’s Mini RC 2.4ghz remote which gives me excellent control at all speeds.

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Thanks for the input! Yea, I just ordered my duals. Should have them in 2 weeks! Excited :smile:

You have a pic of your setup? I think I’m going to go for 10S since I want a smaller board… What size is yours?

Highly recommend the Carvons as well. In regards to pushing - definitely the way to think about it when riding the hubs. It enhances normal riding and coasting and without the drag, you can be really stealthy especially when you set the VESC on FOC. It’s nearly silent with the hubs. I’m running 10s on both single (29" board) and dual hubs (36" board) and did some riding on a college campus this past weekend. Very fun!

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I like wide decks with long wheelbase. This 39" deck is 10.25 wide and the wheelbase is 33.5 I can loosen the bushings and carve like crazy or tighten them to go fast with good stability.


I’ve thought about trying the vesc esc’s. How well do they handle heat? Im running the torques board esc’s. The heat sinks get pretty warm and the hubs sound just like little jet engines! Also, will the programing software run on a Mac computer?

@Namasaki That looks sick! What enclosure & ESCs are those?

@LukeM Where did you see the videos of the Carvon’s going uphill? I wanna see :smile:

The ESC’s Namasaki is using is the TorqueBoards 12S ESC.

Serpac enclosure from Mouser electronics and torquesboard esc’s from Dexter. If i’m not mistaken these esc’s can handle 120 amps each continuous. acceleration is impressive with dual carvons and 12s lipos. And thats with a 185lb rider. I have to lean forward when I’m punching it or get dropped off.

That hill is 5 deg incline

I’ll go buy a gimbal and take some vids going uphill :slight_smile:

Oh only 5% huh? I felt like it looked like more. What % hills are you guys going on who have the Carvon’s already?

Dexter, have you seen this one?

No not 5%, 5 degrees

Ah gotchu. It looks like your running 2 ESCs, correct? How come not the dual? product/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/

So I looked it up and a 5 degree slope is like a 9% grade. Better to run 2 singles. then if one breaks, you only have to replace one. And I think its better not to have them stacked. They dissipate heat better this way. Which is also why I mounted them outside the box. Ive gotta go get some ZZZZ now. Cheers.