The Battering Ram | ThreeSix Downhill Topmount | Dual 6355 190kv | 10s4p Samsung 30Q | Caliber II

Curbs wreck boards? Nah, this board wrecks curbs.

Parts List: ThreeSix Downhill Topmount 2x Torqueboards 6355 190kv 2x Torqueboards v4 Mount (16/36) 2x FOCBOX Enertion Nano-X 10s4p Samsung 30Q Bestech D528V1 Caliber II 50 deg. Orangatang Kegels 80a


  • I’m still waiting on my FOCBOXs and Nano-X. No word on that yet.
  • I’d prefer not to drill into the aluminum to mount the enclosure. My current idea is to take advantage of the extra mounting holes in the deck and fasten two sides like that then use Velcro to hold the rest up. I don’t have the benefits of a solid deck so I’ll need to make a plate that covers everything boardside. Any input on this idea is greatly appreciated.
  • I’m going to solder my pack with cell level fusing. I’ve got a 200W soldering gun, so I think I’ll be able to mitigate most of the problems with soldering if i do it quickly.
  • Last build’s mount kept coming loose and dropping screws. JB Weld and/or large amounts of threadlocker might be a good idea.
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For your mount jb weld is amazing. I currently use it along with 2 small set screws which I drilled little holes for in the trucks and it doesn’t move a cm. That stuff is so strong. Definitely recommend it. For your enclosures i would take off the grip tape and counter sink 4 bolts into it and put each through the 4 corners of your enclosure. Since they are countersunk you can just put new grip tape on and you won’t see a thing. The other thing you can do is get some small screws that wont go all the way through your deck and use that instead so you won’t have to take off grip tape. Good luck!

Dude, the ThreeSix is a hollowed filigree aluminum deck, how is he gonna countersink anything?

Also, if you are relying on JB Weld to keep your monts from moving, you are doing something wrong. That is bad, like really really bad.


I’m not using it as the only thing to fasten the trucks. I just think that it’ll make the mount more reliable along with some holes in the hanger. I found that vibration ends up loosening up the mount not because the screws loosen but rather because the metal that the set screw is gripping deforms.

@mmaner is right – I can’t really countersink bolts into the deck, and I’m averse to doing that anyways.

Check out this thread, its an incredible build…

I actually saw this when planning the build a few months ago, and it’s so insane. I hope mine ends up like that lol

Sorry I didn’t realize ur deck was aluminum. And @mmaner I am using to set screws along with a lot of jb weld and it hasn’t moved anywhere.

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What I’m trying to tell you is that if you are using JB weld as a permanent solution then there is an issue with your trucks or the mount and you should resolve it.

Oh yeh I know, I have Paris trucks so I had my uncle Cnc a circular one for me

@mmaner Just did some more reading. I think I’m going to try your own advice on this issue lol:

That being said, I still think the issue is with soft trucks.

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It could be soft material in the hanger. I’ve never been a fan of the 1 piece clamp design. I prefer the 2 piece where you bolt down both ends. Its makes for a bigger mount, more volume, but its solid as a rock and never moves.

SOmething else you can try, @Namasaki turned me on to this. Get some 5/8’s heat shrink and put it on the hanger where the mount is going to go, heat it up and let it set. Pry open the clamp so it will slide onto the heat shrink and then screw it together using a pry bard. If you get it straight and really tight it will never move.


I actually used a C-clamp to tighten the motor mount clamp down and then tighten the Allen bolt. Than way you can get it really tight without stripping the Allen bolt.

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@Namasaki I wish I could do that, but the Torqueboards mount is a solid piece with a D-shaped hole. Do you still stand by the heat shrink thing?

There nothing but set screws?

Unfortunately yeah

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Wow, haven’t seen those. Is it not a tight enough for to hold it place?

Wait, really? I thought they were relatively common.

It stays on until the metal under the set screws deforms, which I first discovered when my motor started scraping the kingpin nut.

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I also used jb weld after having trouble with that mount, I think it’s the soft trucks. It’s not moving now. If you’re going dual motors, make sure you have the right spacing before epoxy.


yea they’re fairly common. sorry, @mmaner lives under a rock.

I swear i heard someone talking about tightening those set screws in a specific order… @Namasaki? :thinking:

and yea, can also recommend jb weld, have it on 2 mounts on Paris trucks and neither has ever moved.

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