The BrumBeast. 37MPH, dual 6374 Maytech, 12s4p, Unity, Bergmeister wheels, Fatboy Nano Gear Drive, BigBen enclosure, Landyatchz EVO, TB218, FIRST BUILD

So this is the final product after many hours of work and many many hours of headaches i give you…

The BrumBeast

June 9th

This is the parts list for my build some already ordered much of it is to be ordered but im hoping to have it all together by end of this month.

It will be my first DIY after riding my wowgo 2s daily to work

I most probably would of brought the Carbon GTR if they had released it 2 weeks earlier and i hadnt already paid for my Fatboy Nano Gear Drive, Heat sink, Bergmeister wheel adaptors and FOCbox Unity (which i now have somehow even though people who ordered years before me dont???)


Now for the rest of the parts list… … …

@BigBen enclosure

Landyatchz evo deck + accessories

Unik Maytech Motors image

Some Quality baseplates and a change of angle for the rear if needed.

Flipsky remote

A lot more various items…

some double sealed bearings

The battery will be built by @tinp123 still to be ordered also but it will be a 12s4p of samsung 30Q cells so im hoping for a nice powerful stable board to replace my trusty wowgo

Feel free to point out anything i have missed or overlooked but im very hopful to have the exact board speed and range i need from my esk8.

June 16th

coming along nicely hoping to have get the remote, trucks, deck and motors , all this week. :slight_smile:

(I changed to @mackann bioboard 150kv motors) this does up the top speed to about 38mph :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

The 12s4p Battery from @tinp123 is well in hand too.


Id like to shout out to @BigBen on his enclosure i really feel its a super quality product and under-priced. £50 is too cheap for the workmanship and finish on this enclosure



July 22nd

Received battery finished much better than i could of done but took a lot longer than i hoped originally.

Progress with some help of a friend to align and drill the inserts for the enclosure

Got the trucks

started puttig them together but had to STOP!!! need the Bergmeister wheels still which Customs in the UK has seized :frowning:

even have my puncher prevention measures in place

Im hoping this gets finished this week if i get the wheels sorted.

Really need advice on how to setup the Unity do i align everything then plug in my unity and configure or do i need to do that first? A little advice on how to do this would be helpful.


. July 29th

So this was the day it finally came together. After rebuilding the gear drives about 5 times finally got things all lined up and working right.

I had to purchase a drill from argos just to do a lot of the work but no bother it worked a treat fot the enclosure holes and power switch.

But as usual in esk8 there were many problems to overcome.

fitting the case was hard and requires technique and them making sure everything inside is not going to move around becuase i never want to remove the enclosure how hard it was getting everything right and not rattling and just fitting.

and then once assembled there are more problems

luckily it was me causing the issues, using a spacer(only on 1 side) that came with the gear drive and flywheel adaptors so now all running sweet.

Big issue with the wiring and how to secure it.I decided to do a bit of a bodge for now and used nylon cord and some industrial staples.

I will say for anyone wanting to build a DIY ESK8 that goes 30MPH plus first read this… http:///building-a-lightning-powered-murder-board-part-1/

Id also recommend watching this guys video as i think what he has done for the money spent is incredible.

I cant echo the sentiment and accuracy of everything that has been said and the time you will save reading this is well worth the time before you start.

IS it worth it? YOU better believe it is, not everyone can ride a skateboard and even fewer have the ability to build them from scratch and be able to use it daily.

So its a choice do you want to be driving a ford KA or a Ferrari everyday?



As you all have probably gathered from the boards name Im from Birmingham UK but the better bit is we have a WhatsApp esk8 group of 24 members now so if you have a board and riding is your prefered method of transport come join us. We even have members with a onewheel and Gotway Moster Unicycle, ESK8 is growing so much its amaizing to be a part of

If your not from Brum please do not join, we are very active and we use it to meet up so if you cant be in birmingham most weekends its not for you

Any Questions about anything please ask, There have been many who i need to thank for the help and advice along the way the community (apart from enirtion) have been amaizing and so helpful in every aspect of advice and sharing of knowledge so if i can give back by sharing this i hope someone finds it useful.


man… What a lovely board and write up! Well fucking done!


Good work, you’ve done a great job. You’ve got to be happy with that!


Like many who set out on this sort of venture there were times i just got fed up and wanted to sell the parts, BUT im so glad i didnt.

Im also very glad i took the photos at the start so if i crash it i always have something to remember when it was all shiny and new.

It took 4 times longer than i planned through no fault but simply not being able to get things, getting the wrong things, Customs, Import fees, useless companies but my god riding it is something differnt.

The hours and hours of reading other build guides and deciding what you want from the start really feels worth it once your gliding over rough paths and cutting onto grass and back to tarmac.

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Amazing board man! @Halbj613


Hey you make it sound like I am depressed


cheer up mate whats going on with your board?

Do we need to call a board doctor? i heard @okp will know what to do


Getting there nearly done

Excellent job and great finish! Where did you end up picking up the Caliber baseplates from?

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Ah okay, EU based gotcha

what was the reason when you crank your remote all the way up the motors stop?

I have a very similar spec’d build. What gear ratio are you running? How do you like the gear drive? Is it noisy? How many miles do you have on the setup?

Looks gorgeous, makes me want a set of bergmeisters. Your turning radius looks great for such a wide stance. How is stability at top speed with that thing?

the remote needed re-calibrating soon as i did that all worked perfectly and no more cut outs

Gear drive is great and is very noisy but so are the motors when you put that many amps through them. You can hear how loud everything is in the multiople videos i posted. i got approx 15miles driving like i stole it, prob more like 20-25miles if i rode like Jay Boston and turned the power down and rode sensible

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the landyatchz evo is rated to 75kph on 44 degree trucks and double barrel bushings

I have been 26mph so far but its about the 0-20 time and hard accellerating and braking not the absolute top speed.

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Got myself some evolve LED lights to really give it the fast and furious look! IMG-20190802-WA0007

And got my 2 fast chargers from china $38 each, $13 postage with EMS so no import duty 1 charger for home 1 charger for my bag that will probably last 4months max 20190802_201448

Can anybody help me with suggestions for cable management to keep them away from the motors and to seal the cables into the deck???

I want to make it look like it was done at the factory not the BODGE i did with nylon & staples

you mean you don’t want this look?


I could use some suggestions too