The carbon revamp | 245kv 6365 single | 80a esc | 6s4p 12ah

So this is what I have just now.

And was a very cheap inexpensive start to get me going. Using lipo and a very cheap deck which is twisted and doesn’t ride nice. So now it’s time to build a better deck and change to li-ion with bms and more similar charging system.

This will be my new deck hand built here in the uk. I have requested that it’s made into a drop through as that my preferred look. Once it’s here I will be adding some more wood on the lower part of the deck and will be in closed and all smoothed in then wrapped in carbon fiber weave and epoxied over the top to give a smooth gloss finish. The rest of the board should stay same spec wise as motor and esc are doing well. Batteries should be with me over next week or so and deck should be about two weeks as needs to be made. More pictures to come and can’t wait to get it looking spot on.


So some small update batteries should be here next few days as have landed in the uk. The deck will be started mid week but the person making it for me which he has said will supply me with all the pictures as he goes along. Have been research some carboning methods and one of the cheaper option is to skinning kit as for one off product not much point in going down the vacuum bag route. Here is a demo video by the place I will be getting the kit from.


Could you link the video, I am doing the same but only have this for reference

Video is in the post above. Or do you mean the kit ?

Oh my bad i didnt know it was an embedded video

Lol did you think was just a pic

Yep lol :joy:

So just been told the deck is now in the press.

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Who is making your deck and how much?

Company here in the uk called banjo board co. Will make what ever you want this ones costing £65 which I thought was very reasonable. But I will be adding to the lower deck a built in enclosure if I can get it right that is.

Im going to try and make myself a deck with a built in enclosure and use a couple of sheets of carbon fibre to reinforce it.

Yea I’m planing on making a rectangle frame out of ply soak if in water and then clamp it to the board to take its shape then sand it so it blends into the board once that’s done screw/bond it to deck then wrap in carbon like the vid. Then make a latching lid on the bottom with everything in it.

heres some inspiration

Yea seen some of them just seem a little bulky hoping that I can get mine as thin as possible.

Can anyone recommend a good 6s laptop style charger for this build.

Batteries and nickel strips have arrived so time to get them built up and tested. What’s the best way to test these batteries to make sure they are genuine

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A discharge test

Yea what voltage do these discharge to 2.5v?

Here are some good guides:

@chaka and @whitepony may be able to tell you how they test their batteries. I honestly haven’t done a discharge test and these guys know more than me.

So have now glued my batteries together. Now it’s time to spot weld them but what’s the best route to do it here is two pic of the two option I think but what best as don’t want to short in any way.

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