The Charger | 121C Aileron | Dual 170kv 6355 | Caguamas | Push to Start | FESC 6.6

Introducing my 11th build, The Charger.

Parts Used:

  • Aileron 31" Deck (121C)
  • Dual 170kv 6355 Motors (Maytech)
  • 10s3p 30Q Batteries
  • FESC 6.6
  • @Martinsp Push-to-start switch
  • @Eboosted d 12s4p Vanguard Enclosure
  • 85mm Caguama Wheels


  • Weight: 7.9kg (Tested)
  • Max Speed: 45kmh (Tested - But can probably push it faster)
  • Max Incline: 31.5% (Tested - But can probably push it higher)
  • Range: 40km-50km (Tested - Tested with a normal riding style at varying speeds of 15 to 45kmh)

Here’s some Esk8 porn (I might add pics of my build process in the future… got to consolidate all the images)`

Aileron_V2_2018-Oct-01_07-52-14AM-000_CustomizedView1493751304_jpg IMG_20181013_112510 2 3 4 IMG_20181013_112324 IMG_20181013_113227 IMG_20181013_112534 IMG_20181013_112412 IMG_20181013_112633 IMG_20181013_112851 IMG_20181013_112726 IMG_20181013_112908 13

Hope ya’ll like it! Notice that the render is slightly different cause I might be swapping it to the Aortal Gear Drive when I’m done fine tuning them.

Will be testing this out today :smiley: (When it stops raining…)


Nice, how much does it weight?

7.9kgs - I should add that in the specs too. haha.

I thought the carbon deck would make it way lighter, I guess the Caguamas and 6355 motors adds back, my build weight exactly that with same battery but 5055 motors and kegels

A board like that with a small battery and duas hubs or single belt would be amazing for short rides


That’s some kicktail. Looks like a fun ride.


Wow man that’s same quality work right there!, it really looks pristine and I’m glad that vanguard enclosure fitted perfect.

I love the fender washers in the wheels pulley bolts


Well, yeah, I wasn’t going for a light build haha. Going for a torquey build to climb hills in my area :smiley:

The dual 6355 drive with the trucks and wheels are already 3kg heavy haha

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Yeah! Been telling you it has a perfect fit :smiley:

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Super cool built, very nice if the vanguard enclosure can fit all the electronics. I wish i could use that 80mm orangatang wheels for my lite built, but the streets here not like singapore :joy:.

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Thanks! Hehe those are 85mm wheels! :smiley: The maytech motors took less than 24hours to arrive, insane.

Yeah, loved that the vanguard enclosure fits the deck perfectly, pretty amazing. the 10S4P enclosure by Alan fits the deck too :smiley:

Very nice! Can’t wait to see this on the gear drive!

It’ll probably be my December project. :smiley:


What size bolts did you use for your wheels

Those are M4x55mm

Beautiful build. Also love the red washers. How did you manage the flex of the board? Is your battery double stacked? Could you show picture of electronics?

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Here yah go!



Just did a hill grade test on this - going for a range test tonight, and perhaps speed test as well.


Woow damn, this is such a beautiful build :heart_eyes: Really also the parts you used are so nice! That’s really a boosted mini x killer


Thanks! Haha. Will be more beautiful when it’s a gear drive :stuck_out_tongue:

that is a sexy build. good job :heart_eyes: