[The First True] One Piece Caliber Motor Mount

So throughout my journey in DIY eSk8 one thing I have all ways done is design and fabricate my own mounts. I have release all of the files for my previous versions for other to replicate. But now I am back with another, but this time (I think) its the only one piece caliber mount. Ill cut right to the pictures…


  1. The fit around the truck needs to be perfect. Other 2 piece solutions have room for error. Many versions accomplished the perfect fit.
  2. Because the mount is not adjustable the angle needs to be just right. I think I have found the happy median between being close to the deck and being far enough from the ground. This mount does not require risers, but they are recommended.
  3. How to secure the mount to keep it from moving. This mount uses one M6 bolt (threaded) to secure it. Lock-Tite is a must. I have considered adding a place for a set screw, but it can be easily added.
  4. Belt length and fit. The mount is designed for 44mm hole spacing, and perfectly fits a 265mm belt. There is also enough room for a 15mm belt!

Now for the 3d prints (My favorite part)

Group Buy

Would you guys be interested in a group buy for the mount? From what I am gathering it would be around $35 (Don’t hold me to it). I know there is a GB going on now and the aluminum piece is $15, so if the guy would be wiling to share the manufacturer I would be glad to contact them.


Not being able to adjust the angle is the big dealbreaker for me. I like to fine tune how high I can get my mount without hitting the deck, and this will vary depending on the size of your riser. What’s so bad about a multi-piece mount?

You should add some extra holes for grub screws too. Especially since you only have one locking bolt.

@Jinra I also though of the disadvantage of not being able to adjust the angle but then I noticed that he has what looks like a ½" riser. And then realized that you could adjust the mount to deck clearance by using different spacers. Still It’s nice to be able to adjust the angle like TB’s V4

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This is not designed to fit every deck. But it will fit without risers. I feel like adjusting the angle is something that is not necessary once the correct angle is found, and I feel like I have found it. Like @Namasaki said you can ‘adjust’ the angle by adding different sized risers.

They look cool, I would round the back corner like the front.

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Easy change, I think I like it a bit better also


I’d love to see something like this in 6AL4V Titanium!

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Put me down for a set if GB!

I’d like to see a version with a nut/bolt option, rather than threading into the mount.

pretty nice, i think one piece will work for custom, but its very purpose built. seems like there would be alot of material to cut away also.

I would split the hole slots in two, theres bound to be some unreachable space in the middle. and the shaft slot doesn’t need to be as long as the hole slots.

I like it. My comment is use as big of a bolt as you can. Because if the socket head brakes off nothing is gonna get the rest out. And you can get it out with pliers since you can’t reach it

That looks alot lite my Paris mounts!

Let me know if somebody want’s the file!


Wow they look really good! I havnt seen them before!

Oooooh! Now there’s a great idea! :smile:

Is there enough interest for a group buy?

Why is the center slot just as long as the bolt slots ?,…this greatly reduces mount strength !

What do you mean? There is only one bolt.

he is talking about motor bolts and is actually right. The mount is designed to hold the motor in an X position (4 screwholes in the corners and motorshaft in the middle), so it can never be the case that the shaft needs to be as far to the right or left as the other screws. That unnecessary removal of metal could theoretically reduce the strength of the mount. Not sure if it actually is that bad though.

Look at @Norrmalm’s mount and you can see that he did it right with the slot for the shaft being not as wide as the bolt slots.

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Very sleek design, I’m liking it. Was gonna recommend rounding over the hard corner but I see you already did afterwards. These kinda look like the ones I had made for my own build. One note, the sharp 90 degree corner inside the clamping profile will require EDM wire cutting to be produced which is costly. At least for a small batch. Depending on your quote maybe look into having a recessed corner like 1/8 diameter, if your quote quote was as high as mine for edm wire cutting maybe this may be the rout to take. I think if youre planning on getting a bunch made maybe it will be cheap per unit but just incase just letting you know. Kinda like in the pictures here.

I recently had my phone die on me so I no longer have one of just the machined mounts by themselves. Like @Jinra said though, these are not adjustable in angle and are specifically for the SK3 6354 260kv theres was probably not a lot of demand for this one piece specifically, hence I didnt share. What I can say though is that with a 1/4 riser pad these only start touch the board at radius of like 2 meters? with 1/2 inch riser pads they dont touch because you cant turn the board enough to.

I actually also havent shared yet I havent actually made a build post yet since I just finished my esk8 this past weekend so you can probably expect that soon a few troubleshooting threads shortly after… :stuck_out_tongue:

actually just after writing this whole thing i realise your could also just do it with waterjet cutting which is fairly cheap… so nevermind…