The flipsky dual esc group buy. ITS ON. 130$ including usa shipping


How many are you at? When does it look like you’ll be buying?

Using PayPal will cost me $130.00?

Is there any way to request certain connection to be soldered on beforehand??

read above or below. haha


I think they sell some connections on the flipsky website but I’d definitely be willing to send you a few bucks for the connections! Moving out to a place where I won’t have easy access to a solder iron so this would be a life saver!

nooooo way hooosayyy

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Does these come with some sort of warranty ?

they say a year.

How many people sign up already. I’m getting one

5 orders so far. 1/4 there in 12 hours.

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I’ll be ordering one later tonight!

so far theyve shown to be good

Ordered one. Thanks!

Ordered one. Thanks!

I just got one

I’m sorry if this is a dumb-as-rocks question, but this is for the Dual Vesc right?

in for one

I think it’s the one linked at the top of this post:

Oh word? Damn, I’m definitely in. Thanks @Hummie