The Frankenboard 🤖 | Loaded Vanguard | Dual 6355 | Dual FOCBOX | 8s 10000mAh | Orangatang Kegels

Hi guys. Here’s my third build. I just can’t stop… this addiction is becoming a problem. (well tbh this is my first build I’m redoing with a dual setup, but it still counts!)

I went with dual, not because there’s any hills or anything in Denmark that a single can’t climb, but because my OCD was killing me with the asymmetrical engine… lol…

My parts: Motor: 2x Alien HEV 230Kv 6355 ESC: 2x Maytech VESC (not running FOC becuase the Alien’s sound like beasts :sunglasses:) Battery: 2x 4s (8S) Turnigy Graphene 10000mAh LiPo Motor mount: 2x Proto-Boards motor mount Gearing: 15/36T from Alien Power Systems Trucks: Caliber II 50° Wheels: Orangatang Kegels in Orange Receiver: Nano-X (when it eventually arrives…) Deck: Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 Housing: Custom 3D printed housing

I’ll keep you posted with the progress :smiley:


I want pictures, you want picture, we all want pictures


They’re coming!!

Man, I loved your build, in 8s will it go faster than 25 mph? I really wanted to see a Vanguard with Orangatang kegels, like boosted. But all boosted clones uses Abec 83mm… I really want pictures

Yes, it will go about 27mph (43km/h) :slight_smile:

Here’s the board with the motors already mounted.

And here’s the batteries I’ll be using, comes in really epic packaging:


Enclosures designed and printed!

Added rubber seal for better weatherproofing :slight_smile:


Got the inserts mounted in the board today as well! :slight_smile:

My little charging station :sunglasses:


nice 3d printer, which model is it? I like vslot based printers! good luck with your build, so far it’s looking good!

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The printer i used for this is the Afnibot A31. I’m planning on using my Ultimaker 2 Extended when the enclosures gets bumped up a lot, because the prints it makes are wayyyy more beautiful. (To be fair this was printed on low quality also)

More progress! Got everything soldered together and testing has begun! Modified the VESC cap-board so it’s parallel with the VESC itself. This makes it a lot shorter and perfect for my enclosure. I know there’s a lot of connectors, but this is my temporary solution until I get the balls to make a groove in the deck for the cables. I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it yet, because I really like the stock look of the Vanguard.

A little video of the lovely dual engines.


Build done! (for now)

The build is complete! First, some glorious pictures:

I think it came out great. I only need my Nano-X, and then I’m rolling again!

Future plans The cable running underneath is only temporary, and will be removed when I eventually get the balls to make a groove in the deck… I’m also waiting for @raphaelchang’s Battman BMS, so I can get an e-switch as well as an easy charging solution. I’m also thinking of implementing a LCD display to show battery percentage, but that’s not so important right now. Head- and taillights as well as RGB LED strips underneath will be added very soon. Also waiting for them to arrive.

Currently I’m printing the GT2B “Baby Buffalo” mod by @Qwiksand. That way I can get rolling very soon, before the Nano-X arrives.

Can’t wait to test the performance of this! I’ll keep you posted! :wink:


Board update!!

First of all, new name, since the board has been almost completely rebuilt. (Suggestions for names are appreciated! I might spraypaint the a logo and a name on the griptape!)

A short story: I was out riding on my newly completed board, riding slowly in the bike lane in a roundabout, when someone did not look around, and boom, I got hit by a car in the side. The person ran over the board with the car and destroyed the enclosures as well as making a lot of scratches and dents on the deck itself… God damn, I just finished it!!! :cry: I was up rolling on the hood of the car, and thank god I always wear helmet… :neutral_face:

BUT! That didn’t hold me back! I could then do with the deck what I wanted, as it probably needed replacement anyways… That’s why I started sanding it down. I did it on both sides, to get rid of the biggest dents and scratches, and by that I also removed the clear grip tape on the Vanguard. That made it a bit easier for cable-channel-grooving.

The result came out pretty good actually, and that’s why I started making a groove for the cables.

After that, I needed to print new enclosures obviously, and this time I printed them in normal quality instead of low. Looks like the printer could need a little tweaking, but otherwise the prints itself came out great! This print took 80 hours, and in the meantime my Nano-X arrived!! YAY!

I then applied black grip tape to hide the cables, and put it all together. And BAM!!!:

I really think it looks nice. No cables underneath!

Now I just need the lights and the BMS+Switch, and I’m all set!! Ah, one more thing. I got the BT board by @rpasichnyk and here’s my first ride on revision 2.0! (Don’t mind the route, I forgot to enable the GPS) :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think, as well as some name suggestions!


what a beautiful board! what is your average range with these batteries?

Tbh, I’ve only discharged them one time so far. So there’s a LOT of range. I’l let you know when I have a number. :slight_smile:

i’ve 2x 8000mah 12s and my range is arround 30 km, but they are pretty heavy

What printer is that?

Afinibot A31

Getting ready to paint the logo and name! :sunglasses:


I’m in love, looking very nice.

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Curious about the removal of the print on the board. Did you apply some kind of gloss after ? Was it easy to remove ?

I stopped sanding when the print was almost gone, so there’s still a faint pattern. On the underside I applied a clear coat, and on the top side I applied the grip tape and nothing else. :slight_smile: It was pretty easy to sand it down when I used my electric sander.

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