The helmet of choice

Hey guys,

I am about to build my first DIY Longboard and I stumbled across the post and video from @RunPlayBack, which really got me thinking that I should be purchasing a helmet prior to assembling my board. Question is:

What’s the best helmet out there for a reasonable price? Should it be a full helmet (like for a scooter) or more like a bicycle one? What’s also important to me is that it’s not too heavy, so I can carry it around at University etc.

Thanks a bunch!

Ok so i know they’re pricy and probably not what you would call “reasonably priced” unless you really consider how awesome they are… but TSG Pass helmets are THE SHIT. OMG i love mine so much.

and it has already saved my life once, so i added warpaint.

And we just had a big group buy here so i bought two more.

But if you’re serious about protecting your head and face while still retaining full peripheral vision and complete aural awareness to the environment and you want something lightweight and comfortable and doesn’t fog and makes you look awesome, this is it.

Check out Amazon, they’re in the $250 range new. Or you may be able to find a deal somewhere or get a very clean preowned one.


@longhairedboy is on the money.

TSG Pass. Worth every penny.

wow these do look really cool- but that would be like half the worth of my whole build. Aaand i kinda wanted to buy two, so I can have one for my girlfriend :smiley: Are there some safe and good looking beginners options?

aren’t you supposed to discard the helmet and buy a new one after a major crash? is this like a replacement one?

justify it by saying “you can’t put a price on safety!” :smile:

I’ll also vouch for the TSG Pass

Dayum you guys are killing me hahahha

+5 for the TSG Pass. I didn’t think I would like wearing a full-face helmet based on the motorcycle helmet’s I’ve worn in the past. But OMFG it’s a dream.

The pass makes everything about esk8 better. Wind noise is reduced, it’s lightweight, no more getting pelted with sand\dust\debris in the eyes.

Important: That BAMF moment when you flip the visor down!

Actually most important: excellent protection from streeting your face


I skate vert and recently got into diy eboards but everyone i knew either used triple eight brainsaver or the brainsaver with MIPS. I own the MIPS version and it’s saved me once or twice. But it is comfortable and my gf has the same one too

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although the TSG looks damn cool and definitely provides much more safety, the brainsaver seems to be more in my price range, and perhaps for my nooby skating skills, it’ll be enough at first


with paint markers sometimes.

and i have three of these so i only wear the broken one when i’m derping or actin a fool. Speed tests get the fresh helmet.

I’m going to see what TSG can do for me. Maybe i can get a new shell.

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good shit b

I got a tsg pass as well, paid it 165 euros from Mine is a pretty low budget build too, but I was able to get the helmet as a birthday gift :smiley:

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Predator DH6 pros and cons (from my POV, at least)


  • I couldn’t try on multiple helmet sizes and it is one size fits all. You simply add or take away padding to affect the size.
  • it was on sale when I got it (haha I’m a cheap bastard)
  • I like the way it looks better than the TSG Pass


  • I have some issues with fogging when I drop the visor all the way (I ride pretty hard). I’m fairly certain this is easily remedied with some rain x, but I always forget about it until I’m cruising.
  • I really want a mirror visor (because they’re obviously the shit) but if I can ever find them they are way overpriced.
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Vector M6 is great for large heads. The M5 is another good choice.

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only 2lbs


This one looks like the one casey has! :smiley:

Plus one for TSG Pass. It’s an amazing helmet and it doesn’t fog up no matter how hot and sweaty you are as long as your moving

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Wow so basically everyone is suggesting a full helmet with visor over a traditional skate helmet … Guess I have to increase my budget haha

I’m definitely going to get one the first time I wreck my DH6

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