The iBoard | Loaded Vanguard | SK3 6382 168kv | 10S Lipo | VESC ESC | 83 mm Enertion Powerwheels

Hi! I’m just about to start building my first board, and would love to share my experiences. Right now I’m waiting for parts to arrive, but as soon as they’re here, I’ll start updating!

My parts: Motor: Turnigy SK3 168kv ESC: VESC from (they’re in stock!) LiPo: 2x 5S (10S) Turnigy 5000mAh Motor mount: Enertion’s Mono Drive Mech Kit Gearing: 15/36T 12mm included in the Mech Kit Trucks & wheels: Enertion’s Mech Kit Receiver: BLE mini, controlled by custom iOS app Deck: Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 Housing: Custom 3D printed housing

Can’t wait to share it with you! :slight_smile: EDIT: Updated list with final parts.



That vanguard is the 42inch right? Flex 2 doesn’t come in the shorter board

Correct, however I’m not sure if I’m going for flex 2 yet. Will the 42" get too long?

You can do like OKP. Buy a flex3 and epoxy a layer of carbon fiber on it.

It’s long man lol I didn’t like it

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Found a deal on a Flex 3 board, going for that! :smiley:

Good idea! I’m not saying the 42 is bad or anything cuz I know someone n this forum made a dope ass board with it but it’s just really big. The small vanguard is even pretty big but that’s part of what makes it nice

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Yeah, it must be called a "long"board for a reason :wink: haha. I ordered the flex 3, shorter version :slight_smile:


If you didn’t order it yet I would really consider the flexxy boards all together. They’re not good for high speed boards

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Everything is just so hard to do on them. Mounting things. And riding them is not easy at high speeds.


doesn anyone with a similar build know the top speed/range?

do you mean the BLE module from redbear?

Correct, put together with an Arduino Nano

Updated the list with 168kv instead of 245kv, and 10s instead of 8s.


Hey @fraannk, I have the 42" vanguard and it is a good length for me (but I am 6’5").

I posted my vanguard build on here a while back. Mounting enclosures is definitely more difficult on a flexy board but it can be done.

@RunPlayBack and I are working on some enclosures for the vanguard that I plan to mount using adjustable clevis pins. I am excited to see how your 3D printed housing turns out. Do you have a design in mind yet?

I’ve gone 35 mph on my 42" vanguard. The key is getting a correct bushing setup. I like venom double barrels

I’m thinking of doing a two-part design like the Boosted Board has, but I haven’t created it yet. When I receive the deck and see how flexy it is, I’ll think of a design! I’ll of course post them here :slight_smile:

Since I haven’t got all the parts yet, I might as well do the iOS part… This is the app so far! (Still in the very early stages)


Sounds good! I have moved away from using 3D printed parts on my boards. The constant vibration always seems to crack them.

Here is a preview of what @RunPlayBack and I are experimenting with for an enclosure. After we narrow it down a bit, I plan on putting one on the front and one on the back. It should be able to hold a lot of battery capacity.


If you plan on selling them, I might just go that route instead… Looks great! And oh do I love the looks of the Vanguard :smiley:

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