The iBoard | Loaded Vanguard | SK3 6382 168kv | 10S Lipo | VESC ESC | 83 mm Enertion Powerwheels

haha it’s up to @RunPlayBack, I don’t want him to get overwhelmed with business though :slight_smile:


Awesome, any future plans to release the app for the community? Looks great so far!


Definitely, I think I’ll make a tutorial on how to get it up and running! :slight_smile:


Let’s get soldering!


GOD the sexist working table I’ve ever seen…


Looking nice! Do you have a link to that wallpaper?

Jesus christ, is that your personal workshop?

That is so beautiful.

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We have separate spaces for stuff just like this on my university. Excellent equipment.

Battery connectors and charging connectors done! VESC 12 AWG wire replaced with 10 AWG wire done! Now I just need new shrink tubing because the 45mm was not big enough… Motor soldered to the VESC done! Motor detection worked like a charm.


A little hold up because of exams. Enertion parts shipped! Can’t wait to get those. VESC enclosed in new shrink tubing because of the new, thicker 10 AWG wire. Next up; Serial harness for the lipos, a cooling solution for the VESC, as well as mounting the Enertion parts when they arrive! (monday)

EDIT: Just noticed something. How do I mount the Enertion pulley on my SK3 motor? Will they even fit? I just realized i forgot to check that…


Mounting the enertion pulley to an sk3: you need to do some filing /dremeling / grinding.

1.5mm if your key is 3mm

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Ah, is that key insert included?

Should come with your pulley. Use some loctite and you are set.

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From my experience, if you buy from enertion, the key is included. If you buy from DIY, the key is not included unless you ask.

@PB1 That’s awesome. It’s like a flatspot keyway hybrid.

EDIT: When buying the pulley alone.

3 motors from diy and all of them have had a key.

I meant if you’re buying the pulley alone.

I think he means the pulleys. I got 2 pulleys from DIY, no key.

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Oh the pulleys don’t come with one only the motors do.

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Enertion parts arrived early! Thanks @onloop :smiley: Mounted on the deck, now I just need to finish the electronics, the enclosure and the motor pulley, and I think I’ll be all set!


I fucked up. Trying to grind down the shaft og the motor to fit the key, I thought I grinded enough off, and when I tried to put the key in, it got stuck. I then wanted to take it out and it cut in half… How am I supposed to get it out? Besides that, trying to pull this satan out, everything is now scratched and looks like crap :frowning:

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hows the deck holding up?