The Low Rider (fits under a boosted + airline friendly batteries) // Unity + R-Spec Drive Kit // Hummie Deck // 12s4p 30q's // Winfly Hardware Compression Pack // Big Ben Enclosure

This is my official entry to the esk8 builder challenge.







I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve with this build:

  • Travel Friendly - has to look as close to a regular longboard as it can as to attract the least attention at airports. Battery must also be modular and under 99wh
  • As low as it can go - double drop for high speed stability

To achieve the first goal, I had to go the hub motor + integrated deck route. No motors sticking out + the least amount of visible cables + integrated deck = looks like a (thicc) longboard to me! For the battery, I utilized @Winfly’s excellent hardware compression packs. With his packs, I was able to break down a 12s4p into 6 modules of 2s4p battery packs, each being just 88wh.


To make it modular, I soldered some XT30 connectors to the ends of each module.


I chose this connector because it’s small enough that it doesn’t eat up that much space and each pin supports 30 amps, for a total of 60.


To make balance leads modular, I soldered some 2 pin jst plugs to the braid, one in the middle and one on the positive end.

20181130_162636 20181130_170431

Adding in some insulation.


Test fitting onto the hummie deck.


To mount the enclosure, I used some white tape to mark where I would drill holes onto the enclosure.


To make sure I get even spacing between the screws, I folded a strip of plastic into three equal parts and used that as a guide on where to mark.

20190116_203447 20190116_203530 20190116_203456

I did have to make some modifications to the deck with my router. First, the unity doesn’t fit:


I had to route an inch or so to fit it.



Next, I had to route some wheel wells to deal with the wheel bite.


Lastly I routed the top of the deck so the baseplate “blends in” onto the deck.

20190129_131805 20190129_131831 20190129_151615

A few more details with the electronics that I’d like to highlight:

Motor cable extensions


Foam strips for anti vibration


Modular charging circuitry


Test run:


Fantastic build man! A live low ride board. Thst how it should be…


:open_mouth: awesome build, great use of components to make it airline friendly!!!

One of my favorite builds in a while - super low, super compact, totally modular. Props :tada:


How much you want for it :grimacing:


Well you beat me to it, that’s more or less a build i had in mind (hummie deck + r-spec). Looking great man :smile: . As i’m still waiting for my hummie deck i was wondering how well the r-spec fit drop mounted, seems that it need a bit of work.

Nice forum harvest and great innovations. Love your work. Excited to see what else turns up for the comp if this is an example. Bar has been set pretty damn high! Once all the dust has settled on the competition a thread on the battery should be in order though.


And we have a winner, I think is hard to go stealthier than this, all black and dead silent

Just be careful with the motor connectors not being completely isolated, one touch when everything is vibrating and bye Unity

Looking forward to you first airport trial

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I’ve already flown to the Philippines with them. I had to disassemble them into individual cells though since it was an international flight, aka they’re more strict. I’ve had a few moments when they’d ask me what this “giant block of metal” was but when I opened it up to show them that they were individually boxed “AA batteries” they were like “OK cool”


I hate having to desolder to swap out parts :sweat_smile:

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That’s a nice one

“Lithium battery? never heard of that, these is just some AA cells”

This has to be one of the cleanest builds out there (and that’s saying a lot, given how high the bar is on the forum).

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Picture for reference


Sick build! So sleek and stealthy. That battery pack is awesome. Now I want to see a video of you jumping over a Boosted board or three. Or a Boosted, Evolve, Meepo…Basically all the “competition” (yeah, right) that this board can fit under.

One question though, if you wanted it as low as possible, why Raptor hubs and not Hummie hubs?


Cause hummies are unsensored. Plus 90mm vs 83(?)mm wheels. Also I wanted to join the contest :joy:


Awesome build dude. Aren’t the iata rules that you can only take 5 battery packs at once though? I was trying to figure this out a while back

looks super stealthy

Depends on the airline still. Korean Air, which I flew when I went to the Philippines allows 5 spare batteries, but that’s in addition to “in equipment” ones where it’s installed inside what they’re supposed to power. I could theoretically make some “lights”, pass it of as photography equipment and say that my battery packs are used to power those. Have 5 spares and one installed inside the lights.

Also that’s why when I flew with this battery pack I opted to break pack down further into individual cells then reassemble the modules at my destination. That’s the beauty of these cell holders, you can unscrew everything and completely disassemble them.


yeah awesome idea. could do that for my cruiser build im planning. where do you get these modules?

How’s the r spec drives working?

Really well. Can confirm that it’s powerful enough to throw you off if you’re not careful. I’ve mainly been riding in smooth pavement so I have tested how comfortable it is on not so good roads.

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