The ''Mad Scientist'' GT2B mod

Today i made my GT2b much more smaller. I just glued everything together :stuck_out_tongue:. Its not that much professionell like all the 3D Printed enclouses but it works^^. If you guys want to try this, put everything first together with zip ties and test it because u have to isolate all parts that are metal.

EDIT: Dont forget to test it and connect it before you glue it because its really hard to remove that stuff. I had a little short and accidentally broke the antenna while removing the glue with a scalpel.


Have you heard of ? You can get something printed locally for not much money. It’s how I first started with 3d printing. :slight_smile:


I like the “mad scientist” look!

That was the most important part for me while glueing it :smiley:


I will test it thx :slight_smile:

Needs some hockey tape to wrap it up… Should be good after that


I have some thermosetting plastic and a HK GT-2 laying around. I’ll try this out for sure.

This is awesome! Was thinking of doing this myself now I know it works.

Add a bottle opener to it.


I LOVE IT! nice job man. Thats what this shits about.

Get yourself some black hot glue itll make it look so much nicer!

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Plasti dip that shit.


Great idea! :smiley: I will add it later^^

There are two blue/white twist switches on the board. They are for adjustments. Before u glue it, connect your vesc and be sure its on 50%!

Awesome! you went from looking like a gun to looking like a bomb detonator :smiley:

lol, seriously though, i like it. Finish it off with some epoxy putty and plasti dip and that could look real nice.


lololol gun to detonator !!! too funny!

Yeah the next Bomb detonator will look better in black :stuck_out_tongue:

and a carbide tip

never forget the carbide tip

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Like it.

Think I will try as well and add a skate tool. :sweat_smile:

And we need a name for it.

The mad max mod? Up to you @Monte

Believe it or not. It won’t look half bad if you shrink wrap the entire thing! I actually thought about doing that