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Okay, so I have been doing my research and lurking the forums for awhile trying to get my bearings before I get on here and ask the same novice questions that I’m sure have been asked over and over again. I will admit that I probably have much more to learn, but I want to jump into this. I am a hands-on learner when it comes to stuff like this and usually just need a little guidance sourcing parts, and then eventually on how to hook up and arrange the electronics.

What I am looking for is feedback, and constructive criticism on the build I am planning to do. I will post as many parts as I can, and would love others to chime in on what components they feel may be a better bang for the buck, especially if they make my build easier, more reliable, or efficient. I am willing to invest up to $1300-$1400 into the build with ~$600 going into the dual motor, and truck setup from Carvon. I think I should have plenty of cash to spare, no? Here is what I have come up with so far for basic component ideas. I know I will be missing a few parts so any guidance you fine people can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Trucks and Motor: As mentioned above, I plan to use the Dual Hub Motor Setup from Carvon. ( )

Battery(ies): I was thinking of just keeping it simple and going with Jason’s SPACE Cell at 10s which should provide enough power I’d think. I reached out to Jerry at Carvon, and they recommend 12s2p of A123 26650 cells. I have little experience working with wiring up batteries in series/parallel, but would be willing to put in the work if I can save a significant amount of money doing so, or if there is any other benefit to this besides the power gain. Thoughts?
UPDATE: Decided on Dexter’s 12s3p Battery pack!

VESC: Decided to skip ESC and just pre-ordered 2x VESC from torqueboards site.

Enclosure: I like the looks of Psychotiller’s stuff, and RunPlayBack’s custom enclosures look ideal for the SPACE cell if I end up going that route.

Deck: I decided that my current deck flexes wayyy too much and has a bit too much curve :frowning: Shame, as I love the look and ride…oh well. Guess a fresh deck wouldn’t hurt this build…

UPDATE: Still undecided here, but I want to make a list of boards that I think look good. Maybe it will also help others. My requirements are pretty standard of the general community. Long(er) to fit the 12s3p pack comfortably, flat to fit electronics easily, low flex to prevent any issues, drop through ( because I can with hub motors and I like the look/ride, and made of the highest quality materials. Here’s my list so far…

UPDATE 2: Finally decided on the Arbor Vugenhausen for my deck after all the looking around. Crossing my fingers, hoping everything will fit!

Controller: It seems most options are pretty good, I wouldn’t mind a nun chuck like the Wii, or Carvon remote and the torqueboards one looks cool if it’s as small as it looks in the pictures… What’s the best bang for my buck in your guys’ opinion? I want it to be small, preferably easy to install or work with given my other electronics, and customizable where it needs to be.
UPDATE: Went with Dexter’s mini controller.

Misc Parts:
Power Switch?
Dank Bolts
Shock Pads/Risers
Waterproofing Materials
Velcro/3M Adhesive Sheets

And again, I should have plenty left over If I am smart about it, what other goodies/refinement can I add to this thing to help take it to the next level? What am I missing, or what new product didn’t I see? Give me any and all advice you can muster! Thanks, I really appreciate it!!

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Sounds like an awesome build. You did quite a bit of homework too :slight_smile:

The best deck I’ve ridden for carving is literally a longer deck with longer trucks.

You can use weatherproofing strips with 3M adhesive works great. has a nice 1" grommet.


Thanks torqueboards! Funny how most people on this forum tend not to pimp their own shit all that much, and are just as happy to recommend another users product(s). Good stuff. You’re already on my list of course, so any recommendations on battery, and VESC vs ESC with Hub style motors (not sure if this makes a difference in what I need), especially considering whatever 12s battery setup you would choose? Is the Wiiceiver pretty awesome? It looks pretty nice, and is it still on track for the end of the month? I’d like to get this done in the next couple weeks, but I’m sure sourcing every last part will take a bit more time.

Edit: Same question on the VESC on your site, delivered by the end of the month still?

I had a 12S3P 18650 pack but sold out of the last I had. They are a bit long since they are thin. It costs around $420 shipped. I think the 10S3P is a nice option since it’s no so long, so that’s what I actually have in production right now.

Haven’t tested my hub motor yet so not sure on the best ESC for it. I heard the VESC is nice as well as the TorqueBoards 12S… VESC is cheaper though.

Wiiceiver is delayed… We are working on an upgraded Wiiceiver which won’t drop connection so we’ll be testing soon but nothing complete yet. The previous Wiiceiver I won’t be making until the new option is available.

Yeah, VESC will be delivered about the end of the month but give or take a few weeks as I want to double triple check everything as well as load the bootloader/firmware. I don’t want to rush it to ruin it. If you know what I mean.

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I hear you, I expect delays on nearly every part I’m ordering. Hmm, I really need to find a solid 12s battery pack that’s as thin as I can get it and reasonably priced or figure out how to put my own together. Any reason to run 18650’s over 26650s or vice versa besides thickness? The weather is just getting nice here so I can hold out a little bit and keep researching until the best parts are ready for my build. I don’t want to rush and ruin it if you know what I mean :wink:.

18650 have just been tested much more and are purchased in higher quantities than 26650s. Also the height issue too.

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Okay cool, so as long as I get either one to 12s2p they will be providing the same power, but 26650’s are larger packs to get there? Or am I hearing you wrong?

Edit: Went ahead and pre-ordered a pair of VESC’s from you. Just need to settle on a battery setup, and enclsoure to fit it all. Oh, and I subscribed to the website, and it said get ten bucks off, but I didn’t get a code or anything?

What do we think about using two of these to attain a 12s pack in a decently size package? I know 50mm isn’t ideal, but I want the best range/power delivery combo. Let me know if I am way off base guys.

Or maybe four of these makes more sense?

You want at least 12S3P that way you aren’t pulling alot of amps from the cells. 26650’s just aren’t used as much so chemistry of 18650 just seem better as well as the height issue.

Yeah, two 6S 8ah NanoTech packs would be ridiculous. They’d be a lot more powerful than the 10S3P or 12S3P 18650 packs.

The only downside with the 3S 5ah packs are you would have 4 wires to disconnect at least in my opinion.

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You could go with a 12s2p using Sony VTC5s which have 30amp continuous. Also, I disagree with your comments about 26650. They pack sometimes double amp rating of 18650 (Some of them go up to 75amp continuous) Also, they have about the same type of ah ratings and their voltage is the same depending on chemistry.

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You mean four wires to disconnect to charge, or just to power it down? I will likely install a power switch.

Thanks for the recommendation! That would be building my own pack, so any preference on how you would do that? And have you had any personal experience with the 26650’s that would be a good choice? I’m willing to put in the work to do something crazy/different. Otherwise I just want it to be simple plug and play for the most part. Lipo packs don’t seem too hard to work with, and those nano-techs seem to pack a punch, and would seemingly give me good range. Any other thoughts?


I saw that you commented my build so I’ll update my status here! I got 3x 4S 6Ah Turnigy nanos for my build. I wanted to make my build with 18650-cells but there were not that many options out there with enough punch for my. So I’ll test my setup with these and hope that @torqueboards gets new batch of those all-in-one packs :wink:

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Awesome, Thanks for the update! Please let me know how that works for you. I want the most power, from the slimmest setup i can get at 12s3p. I think I woukd go with 4 3s nano tech packs in series if I go the Lipo route, and get RunPlayBacks Dual VESC enclosure. I’d love to see your stats at 12s with that MAH.

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Pretty sure I found my the deck I want to go with. Arbor’s Vugenhausen looks to be stiff as all hell, flat, lots of space to work with and beautiful all in one. Built for speed, with the aesthetic to back it up. Anyone wanna talk to into going with Carbon? Does the weight make that much of a difference? I’m 150 soaking wet so…

Here’s a carbon fiber deck which I’m working on. However, it’s going to be running a 10S3P. I’d have to double check if I can run a 12S3P pack on it. That would be nice.

Similar to the board that you like.


You would spot weld the batteries with pure nickel band and then wire up balance leads to each serial connection and the positive and negative. You don’t have to use a BMS, but it adds a few features like one plug charging and can also make the pack a bit safer. I’m looking to build a pack as well soon using A123 lifepo4 cells which have 75amp continuous and 2400mah per cell. These will probably be in a 12s2p configuration. This will get me 184.32wh. And 38.4volts. Lithium ion cells would get me 44.4volts nominal in 12s but lifepo4 have a lower voltage per cell. I could essentially go 14s to get the equivalent of 12s in lithium ion. Tell me if this makes sense and if you have any questions.

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That makes sense, I’d love to see how it would fit under the board. I definitely like the long/slim look for battery packs versus the bulky, short enclosures. If you can get it to push more power than a SPACE cell i’d be interested. From what I understand that is just slightly lacking the power I’ll need.

Yeah I like the design. I would be seriously interested in the deck/battery combo if it’s coming soon, and you can cram a 12s on there!