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Just bugged him enough about it, that he is looking into ordering some more 12s packs. Jump on the pre-order train with me! Thanks Dexter!

What are the specs of torqueboard’s 12s battery? Do you know the dimensions and capacity?

Still working on those. He still needs to make sure that he can get a batch in, and I will be a test dummy for it basically from the sounds of it. He only has it on one other test board I think. As long as it pushes more power than the SPACE cell, in a similar size I will be very pleased.

@mrquin - For the 12S3P dimensions are 18.25″ Length, 6″ Width, 1″ Height.

I’ve tested it with two people so far. Myself and another friend. So far so good. I probably have about 150+ miles on my pack.

@AbrownMN - I’ve recently sent out 3 packs as well and should get some feedback on them soon. I’ve been riding them on a dual motor setup climbing up hills here in SF. Haven’t been able to trip the fuse yet.

I thought, I’d never say it but they are pretty convenient not having to charge any Lipo packs anymore are pretty nice.

Awesome, thanks for the info! What enclosures are you and others using. Any with room for dual VESC? That’s pretty much all I need to work out besides miscellaneous parts to put it all together. You’ve been extremely helpful, I appreciate it.

I don’t have an enclosure on my board right now. I have some thick velcro that’s just bolted to the deck. I’m currently using 2x 12S TorqueBoards ESC.

As for the CF deck it’s 21" x 6.5" but the 12S3P is about 18.25". Looking at extending it but haven’t checked yet.

Got it. Hopefully Psychotiller can come up with something nice and sleek for me to start with. I will probably have a custom carbon fiber enclosure eventually. My main concern is making sure all the connections are super protected, and the enclosure is as waterproof as possible. I thought about maybe cutting a thin outline into the board and putting sealer strips on both sides, and using a multi latch system, if I can do it without it looking bulky/goofy. Any other ideas that we’ve seen work well?

You decide on your board enclosure specs? I might need one of those enclosures too. I hate how it’s open to the air.

Not quite yet, I will definitely keep you posted on what we come up with, and make sure he knows that there is more demand for 12s enclosures. Yeah I would be too scared to run it like that personally, but I’m, sure you got all the parts you need to fix what breaks. I also live in MN, so it’s really wet especially this time of year, and I want to be able to ride every day. I will definitely be doing some experimenting with waterproofing, and I will make some videos of my findings. I want overkill in this area as it could save me hundreds of dollars, weeks of waiting, and plenty of heartbreak.

These guys work real well.

Helps to seal up concaves on certain decks.

I have one of my boards that’s my rain board. I dog it out and don’t clean it and ride it in the rain. It’s relatively enclosed and doesn’t get wet much. Motors are fine for the most part. I just don’t ride in puddles and only slight rain.

Nice, I will definitely make use of some sort of gasket. I am thinking of getting a sheet of neoprene or some other rubber and mounting that to the board first, cutting it down to sit inside the enclosure perfectly and installing everything onto that. Then cutting a channel around that sheet and adding a gasket/stripping like that. I haven’t quite got it hashed out yet, but something to that effect. Have you seen anyone make use of automotive RTV to form a gasket seal? I still need to figure out how I am going to access everything which seems to be a challenge when it comes to keeping it waterproof, but I’ll figure something out.

I cannot decide on a deck…I need something with over a 30 inch wheel base from the looks of it so my options are limited. Especially considering it can’t flex much. I have the hub motors and slim pack so I can get away with a dropdown/through board and I do like the look of a heavy drop. Has anyone seen anything cool lately that I’m missing? Seems like a lot of the same old on most sites…

Edit: I really like Arbor boards due to the wood grain tops. If I am going to be covering the entire bottom of the board I may as well have a slick looking top…Open to ideas!! I do really like this board and it fits my specs for the most part, but is mild flex going to be too much, and is the concavity going to be an issue?

I’m riding this one now… but there’s a bit of flex.

I’d go with a similar option that’s downhill and more rigid.


If you make sure you are buying 9 or 10 ply decks with some shape/concave you’ll probably be alright.

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Been following your thread closely as I’m planning a very similar build (Hoping my 12s from Dexter arrives next week). I’d ask Jerry at Carvon for board shape recommendations…I seem to recall an email or post from from him mentioning some clearance issues around the extended hub motor with certain drop through decks. Also, I’m not sure you’ll need a 30" wheelbase. I’ve measured out the space using Dexter’s 12s3p specs and added in the space dedicated to two VESCs, receiver, etc in my Raptor dual…I’m confident 24"x 6 1/2" interior space will do the trick. I guess it depends on enclosure lip, but I’m shooting for a 27" wheelbase. Leaning towards this board at the moment.

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currently my favorite push board. Added bones super Swiss 6 bearings, crazy smooth.

Right on, most of the boards that I am looking at are downhill and 8+ ply. Do they normally just say the widest part of the board? Because the one I linked had a slight inward curve in the middle and I want to make sure everything will fit.

That’s almost the same board I have, except I have the arbor axis bamboo board.

Awesome! Thanks for posting. I am sure you’re just as excited as I am. And of course it depends on the board, but the wheelbase doesn’t necessarily equate to usable board space as far as mounting. From the looks of it you would have to assume that most boards have a couple inches of space lost on each side from the wheelbase measurements. If you look at RunPlayBack’s latest build he uses about a 28.5 inch wheelbase board with an enclosure that is a couple inches shorter than mine will be and it just barely fits on there from the looks of it so I just wanted to play it safe. Plus, I like the feel of a longer board if I can get away with it without it flexing too much.

Yeah that board looks nice, he did post the bamboo model as well I believe. I could be mistaken. I was also looking at the older version of the Arbor Axis Koa which is similar in most aspects. My concern is that it is listed as medium flex, rather than mild or stiff which is a bit disconcerting.