The Modular Distraction

Hi all, I’ve decided to make an eboard after a bit of reading and Youtubing. I am planning on ending up with a duel belt driven board but due to cost I’m starting wit a single motor to start with. So lets get down to it, I have; 1 x Z-Flex long board deck with risers (to be modified when time allows.

In the mail; 1 x TURNIGY AERODRIVE SK3 - 6374-192KV 2 x 218mm Torque Board trucks 1 x new Torque Board motor mount in red 14 and 40 teath pulleys from Torque Boards 12mm 4 pack of 280mm belts from Torque Board 90mm red wheels with bearings of Ebay

Still to get/decide on; FOCBOX - mainly because it looks reliable/easy/AUSSIE 10S5P battery, enclosure and charger from DIYeskate Controller - can I get the meepo one without their other stuff? Bluetooth for the VESC apps Off road wheels to add riding options in the future

Thats it for now although I will upgrade to duel 6374s at some time in the future for torque and braking, I’m 115kg, but for now this qill do me I think.

Any improvements or stuff that will not work together? Any help will be appreciated.

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Dude it looks like a cool build the only thing I would say is maybe look at the Turnigy skateboard motor simply because it has sensors versus the Aero Drive, might be smoother

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The Turnigy sk3 “6374” is not sensored and isn’t 6374, so be sure to check the actual dimensions

I can’t recommend an unsensored motor


The sk3 63’s are really 59mm

The other dimension is the one that causes problems. I think they’re 59mm diameter by 86mm long or 5986

But it’s unsensored. So… yeah

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Do yo have a link to a motor that would be better on Hobby king? I could not find a specific skateboard motor, only the hub motor kits.

I could probably exchange it.

Does it have to come from Hobby King? What country are you in?

Allot of the stuff I’ve read said that most people go sensorless. Is the general consensus to go sensored these days for smooth power delivery?

Sensors get you moving from a stop. Once you’re rolling it’s the same. Without sensors, you have to kick-push then throttle.

However, they also add one more thing that can fail. Overall, I recommend them

I’ in Australia and have already got the motor on the way so it would be easier to exchange I guess.

If the motor is already on the way, use that one unless it doesn’t fit. If you’re using a single motor it should fit and on the TB 218 trucks two of them should fit even but not on some other trucks

For the controller, you have a big decision to make. Do you want to control the throttle and brakes with your index finger or with your thumb? It’s personal preference.

To be hosest i could go with either and get use to it, and then probably feel weird with anything else.

I like the idea of having the three speed settings so I can cruise while sitting down with my four year old son ( only on quiet back streets.)

I would probably like to be able to start without pushing in some circumstances. What would you suggest that is not crazy priced if I had to go international?

This one

Cheers mate, probably a bit small.

I might stick with having to push start for a while and upgrade to two 6374 sensored motors when I upgrade.

Unless I decide to thow my earth moneys at someone.:thinking:

I also use a 192kv SK3, and honestly it’s not a big deal having to slightly push to get going. You only need a very small push and then just apply throttle to taste. Esk8ing will feel pretty awkward to start with but just ride a lot and you’ll get used to it faster than you expect :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m 110kg and even a single SK3 on 6S is pretty fast. You’ll have no trouble on 10S :stuck_out_tongue:


Even when i ride my friend’s boosted boards, i push start. its natural for me, and i do it without thinking. You’ll get used to it.

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The Turnigy SK3 motor is as big as you’re gonna get for a 6374 motor. 59553D6E-296D-46B5-BB1E-07FFA07847C9-306-00000043834AF253

Just get some external hall sensor PCBs for 10 bucks each:

Boom, best price/performance by a longshot…


Cheers mate that would solve the problem perfectly. Are there any reliability issues?

not that I know of. just make sure you mount them securely.