The Monotone |12S2P Samsung 30Q | Dual 6354 | FSESC 6.6 | Skateshred Drop Through Bamboo Deck | Dickyho Off-road Kit

Making a new thread since my build has changed so much since my initial post.

Finally done after hours upon hours of CAD, drilling, cutting, waterjetting, painting, and laser cutting. Perhaps getting hit by a car and destroying my deck was a blessing in disguise. I love the feel and flex of this new deck, especially how low to the ground it is, and getting a blank deck really gave me a platform to be creative.

Build: -12S2P Samsung 30Q battery from @hyperIon1

-Dual Flipsky 6354 motors

-Flipsky FSESC Dual 6.6

-Skateshred bamboo drop through deck

-6x2 airless tires with 60T wheel pulley from @dickyho

-15T motor pulleys from BKB

-Extended Paris Clones from Dickyho

-Extended Paris motor mounts from Dickyho

-Riptide Krank 90 Barrel boardside/ street barrel roadside

-Handles waterjet out of 1/4" 6061 aluminum and paracorded

-Drop through supports waterjet out of 1/4" 6061 aluminum

-Bottom wrapped in white carbon fiber vinyl

-Griptape laser cut and laid over vinyl

More build progress photos can be seen on my Instagram, give it a follow for constant updates.

I’m really proud of how it turned out. Also comment what you think I should name her. Open to any questions or more details about my build.

LRM_EXPORT_99437912377166_20190308_090814113 LRM_EXPORT_99231342275109_20190308_090447543 LRM_EXPORT_99401500668794_20190308_090737701 LRM_EXPORT_99325011265021_20190308_090621212


That looks god damn epic. Well done.

How’s Dicky’s parts working out?


Pretty great so far. No complaints about the wheels, pulleys, or motor mounts. My only complaint is the stock bushings and washers are pretty bad, so those got replaced almost immediately. Also looking into replacing the pivot cups since there is some slop to them. All in all though, you can’t beat the kit for its price.

Chat to @Alphamail Brad about the cups. He’ll more than likely have something that works off the shelf. How close is the clone to Paris? Got anything for comparison?

I just want to see Dicky do well to be honest, he’s a good guy.


Yeah, I just got some measurements yesterday, I was going to post since they seem to be slightly different from genuine Paris trucks. I don’t have a direct comparison of the overall truck since I don’t have Paris trucks I agree, dicky has been nothing but helpful throughout the several months I’ve worked with him.

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I think it speaks for its self… image Excellent build, Benjamin said to tell you, “nailed it” on the battery. We are happy that it all came together. Definitely dig the process of evolution from original concept to finished board, so sweet. Always stoked to be a part. Thank you

You know what to do if you have any issues…


Thanks for the support! Nothing but praise for the battery so far.

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Badass build man. Have you tested your range?

Range should be around 10-12 miles on flats 7-9 on some hilly terrain, based on my readings.

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My readings from a grocery trip today, lots of uphill on the way there. Snapchat-1062720609


I agree with @hyperIon1 I think it speaks for itself.

White Knight flashed into my head first up.

Black Knight

Excellent build…

Orca is good…it will come to you…cheers

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Cool suggestion but don’t like the connotations that goes along with it. Somebody on Instagram suggested the Arbiter. Guess it’s between that, the Monotone, or maybe the Orca.

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i was worried about your range with the 2p but guess it still fit your needs :slight_smile:

As was I, I would have loved to go for a 12S3P battery, but that meant getting a new battery enclosure and more money for the battery. I also wanted to keep the board lighter if possible since I’m always carrying the board in and out of class. It already weighs in 23 pounds. At least that’s how I justified it in my mind. Maybe if I’m able to raise the funds for another build in the future…

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Pretty impressive that you saved some money here and there but nothing about your build looks that way.


That’s always been the goal!

Show us bottoms up. What kind of enclosure you use?

Nothing too special going on. just the white carbon vinyl, metal enclosures from Ownboard, and led lights. I’ll get some pics later.

Okay. How far you can reach with those set up? 12s2P and AT 6x2

I’ve been using about 20-30Wh per mile on BLDC, but after changing to FOC a couple days ago, it seems like I’m using around 15-20Wh per mile. Doing the math would give me roughly 12-15 miles in FOC. Further testing will definitely be needed for a more definite answer though.

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