The "Old Dirty Dump Pile", aka Spare Parts Build

So, I got stuck at the office late last night and most of the day today working on a server for the legal department. The restore went flawlessly, but restoring the file shares…not so much.

To make a long story short, I got tired of baby sitting xxcopy so I built a board out of scraps, recycled parts, refurbishing projects, etc. Here’s the result.





As you can see it only cost me a little over 100 bucks in new parts, and was fun to build. It’s super low to the ground, it even scrubs if you carve too hard. But it’s a rocket, looks gnarley too, so that’s a plus :metal:.


So… If you sell it to me for $200 that’s a good profit!


Yeah, sure. I’ll even throw in a bridge I’ve got in the Mohave :grin:.

So you get to build boards while you’re also getting paid to not build boards?! :open_mouth: I think I’m in the wrong business. That’s one sweet dumpster fire of a build though.:fire: Your leftovers look tastier than mine. I’d even be willing to pay more than $200 for that steaming pile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tell us about the $60 6354s. And you have an Evo in the junk pile?

I bought the 6354s from a forum member, a couple of weeks again, for no reason other than they were inexpensive.

The Evo took a bad spill, we me too, but the Evo got the worst of it. I had sanded and painted it with the intention of building something with it but had no plans. This just sort if fell together :grin:.


That’s what I should’ve called it :grin:.

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Just to be clear, I’m on salary and it was Saturday so not technically getting paid :grin:.


Salary sucks when they make you work 70 hours a week and we get no overtime… I need to leave the Dealership lol


Preach! :grin: 

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tfw your spares build is nicer than most of our main builds :heart_eyes: looks great


Thanks It’s actually pretty cool, I didn’t expect it to be this much fun. The ultra low, ultra wide footprint makes it very stable and it’s fast :metal:.

I’m on day 97 with no days off… luckily it’s salary per day, but still no overtime.

Board looks great, very jelly. Can’t wait till I have a real build and can set this riptide on fire.


At first look I tough the voltage meter and power button on the middle would be weird, but it suits the deck really well, looks great

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Thanks It takes a little getting used too, having stuff on top, but it’s not in the way and it’s less likely to get scratched if it’s on bottom.

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I saw lots of board with the same controls on top of the front truck, but I think your solution looks better, I may steal the idea for my next build, but just a small 0,96" OLED display

How waterproof this is? The top is the portion that gets most water when the unexpected rain arrive


DAMN, I am so hating on you right now! It takes me 6 months to build my shit, and it seems it took you a coffee break to build that EVO! I shake my head in failure! Great job sir!


I’d like to know this as well. I get caught by light rain on campus sometime and I ended up frying my last power switch with a little water through the button.

Been rocking a loop key with some hot glue dabbed on the bottom ever since (’:

The volt meter is waterproof by itself, the hole the power switch is in is packed with hot glue. I don’t know if the switch is waterproof, but I usually don’t ride in the rain. I like to slide on purpose, I slide in the rain not on purpose and it sucks :grin:.

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It took about 2 hours for the assembly, I accidentally had almost everything ready to go in a 10 different boxes, so that took a couple of hours to get together and ready.

Keep in mind I’ve built around 35 boards at this point so most problems I’ve run into and solved or got help from.peeps around here at some point and I’ve pretty much settled on the gear I like to ride so choices are pretty easy.

It’s like everything else in life, it’s easy once you know how. If you need some help send me a PM or just post here, there’s lots if oros around here. It’s only failure if you give up.