THE OSPREY | Single Hub Motor | VESC

None of this is official, let me know if you have any suggestions

Already have: 42" Sector 9 Flexy Deck Bearings - Bones Super Reds

Buying: 2x 5s 8000 mAh Zippy Flight Max VESC 1x Carvon Single Hub Motor

Note: I live in Florida and am very lightweight. So virtually no hills.

Any suggestions will help!

Well planned setup, 16/36 will give you good speed with little less torque but since you don´t have hills in Florida, you won´t get any problems with that.

The only thing i would think about again is the choice of your batterys. I´m also using 2x 5S Lipos and seeing all these great flat 18650 li-ion builds here kind of pisses me off that i went for these big lipo blocks :smiley:

Are your trucks Calibers? You also need Flywheels. You can go with the clones as well, but if you can swing the real deal, I’d stick with Abec11. My preference is 90mm to get you over any bumps and gravel.

I’m still new to this but I’m about to start a fairly similar build. You’re probably already aware but you’ll only be getting around 7000rpm with a 190kv motor using a 10s setup. You’d be able to maintain your desired top speed (~48kph?) but with a better reduction ratio giving more torque if you went to a 12s setup. This is all assuming an 83mm wheel.

Hey, I have a 5055 brushless outrunner, a skateboard, rc transmitter, esc, but I need a motor mount. I`ve tried before and failed, but I want to try again and make a easy to make motor mount or buy a cheap motor mount, any suggestions? Would really help me out.

Welcome Michael! :slight_smile: What deck will you actually be using?

Btw, take a look at the naming convention for new topics in the build category:

That way we can keep yours apart from all of the other first builds :slight_smile:

What are the downsides to switching to those batteries if any.

I plan on getting flywheels 90mm yes. I forgot to mention that. I’ve been looking for the 75a, maybe you know where I an find some? Or clones?

I will do that thanks for the suggestion.

My deck is a 42" Sector 9 board I’ve had for about 4 years. I love it. Super flexy, I know that’s not great for electric skateboards, I have a separate thread about that.

Costs… Much more expensive, however they seem to last way longer too. So in the long run it is probably a wise investment.

Ah nice :slight_smile: if you do a boosted board style enclosure (batteries on one side of the board near front truck, esc and remote board near back truck) it could work with a very flexy board.

if there are no hills I say go for a 5065 motor so you can save weight. or maybe a 6354.

but really you should go hub motor! smoother and easier to setup. but no hubs on gullwings yet…but those aren’t the best for speed anyways…

and a flex deck can be done, my 44" bamboo pintail has split enclosres. look at @whitepony’s vanguard!

@longhairedboy is in orlando, and I’m up in Jax. We are looking to do a group ride at some point, so when your board is finished you ought to join us!

I should! Going to Jax for college next year, might have to wait until then sadly…

I really don’t think weight is an issue for me. I’m really really lightweight.

no worries, JU?

University of North Florida

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I meant save weight on the board. at some point you’ll get where youre going and have to carry it.

Since you don’t need the torque, a smaller motor is almost half the weight, not much but it all adds up.

also enertion motor mount is only for caliber trucks, and it seems like shipping is taking some time…

I think you’re asking for speed wobble with that setup. Flexy deck plus double-pivot rear truck is just too much instability at higher speeds. And I’m saying this as a guy rockin a sidewinder up front myself. My rear truck is zero degrees, the back wheels don’t turn at all. I can’t do figure-8’s in my driveway anymore but I’m much more stable at high speeds.

You live in the flats and you’re light. I agree with the poster above that you should look at hubs. Hit up @LEVer, he’ll set you up with a single-hub rear truck and a vesc. His hubs are basically the same motor as the one you want to buy, but it’s rewired for more torque than his last version. You won’t have to deal with any brackets, pulleys or belts and it’ll coast more like a skateboard.

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I knew someone was going to say that. I’m really not one to go fast, it is just for getting around campus.

I will have to look into that.