The Phoenix: Trampa HS11 Urban board

Since I got into eSk8s I have always wanted a Trampa board, but didn’t want the inconvenience of an extremely heavy board since I usually commute to work.

My first Trampa was a street carver, I liked it very much, it rode and looked ok, but there were some things that kept it from being the perfect board. I didn’t like the narrow hangers, the height/stance of the board and the square shaped deck, on the other hand when it was converted to urban carver with 7" wheels it looks weird and narrow. Unfortunately, months later it cought fire due a short on the VESC compartment, possibly caused by bullet connector shorting with the body of the charger.

Thanks to all support from the community after my Street Carver went into smoke, specialy from Atilla from @esk8 who shipped ne 2 antispark switches for free!! and support from @trampa to get a new board I was able to resurect The Phoenix.

I love the look of this deck, it’s just beautiful, the sbelt line at the center makes it even sexier:

I recycled 30Q batteries from an old project from a friend that couldn’t fly with them to Europe, so he sold them to me, they were pretty bad external shape, so I decided to change their isolation vynil.

Spotted weld them:

Packs were out of ballance:

So I decided to ballance them manually discharging them:

Worked on an enclosure design for the HS11/Hollypro deck from Trampa:

This was the final result, pretty flexible enclosure with plenty of space between pockets and deck to be able to run 12AGW wires, I used ruber hasket to seal the perimeter of enclosure.

Got a couple of @stewii VESC6, awesome quality:

Trucks installed:

Used fish paper between the packs in order to have an extra layer of protection:

Welded all packs with dual 12AWG wires:

Got some @goldenHusky antispark switches even though I burned 3 mosfets already, they are holding good on my Darth Maul. As he does no sell the on/off switches along with the antispark I got some 19mm ones that are holding pretty good:

I’ve heard that it’s pretty difficult to ride a Trampa MTB with Ultimate MTB trucks, so I purchased the carver base plate which has inner and outter position for springs and drilled the deck and hanger to accomodate inner position for the front trucks:

Here is the final VESC compartment, printed the VESC6 enclosure from thingyverse

I got the motors from Alien Power Systems 6374S 170KV, they look quality, however I got two designs on each can, one has lines around the can, the other one is smooth, they look weird when looking closely.

The motors also come with 10mm shafts, the pulleys are pretty difficult to get, so I took them to the lathe and machined them to 8mm

This time I went ahead and not used grub screws or keyways just straigh Loctite 620 and it’s working pretty good so far, I’m just worried on the possible scenario that I need to remove them, hope they come out fast.

I used 62T drive wheels from @kaly that I had laying around, so I went with 13T motor pullies fro, I also purchased 12T and 14T in case I need more speed or more torque in the future. I used 375x15 belts, I might need to get the 370 as the motors are hiting the crossbars.

Battery capacity tester installed on the nose for easy reading while riding:

Board almost ready

Setting up @Ackmaniac FW on FOC, current settings: Motor Max 80A Motor Min -60 Battery Max 40A Battery Min -20A

Finally I got the meylan rear light which looks amazing.

Ready for a test ride, I’ll inform tomorrow how this thing eats the streets and potholes:

I’m waiting for the set of ABEC11 107mm flywheels, those will also be installed when I need more range and crazy acceleration in a ligher package.

I won’t use bindings on this build.


Great one mate. How did ya get the perfect alignement to drill the two center holes in the hanger in order to match the street carve baseplate?

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Hey man!

I mounted the carver base plate and used a 5mm drill bit through the theaded inner hole, if you align it right there will be no damage to the threads, after the drill bit went through the deck I removed the base plate and use a 6mm drill bit to increase the diameter and allow easy mounting of the spring adjuster.

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Looks amazing!

Congrats! How do you cool those ESCapes? Is it only printed enclosure?


Your enclosure is great!

What are the measurements of those compartments HxWxL in MM?

Would 20700B Sanyos also fit in 4p?

Nice build! You should switch your battery meter to voltage mode instead of percentage - will give you much better information especially with liions.

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Fitting name. A man on a quest. I like it.


Truely gorgeous build!

You should totally get something like this printed out in vinyl for the topside of the deck!



:point_up: …yeah, the Phoenix… because it was reborn from the ashes!

:point_up: …don’t sweat hermanito. No te estreses. Next time go to Eskating :point_left: …(inside, more great items you cannot believe). They are in italy. I ordered my steel motor pulleys there…all custom made, Papá. Got them in less than 20 days (I’m in California) while the rest of the esk8 world turned blue waiting for their focboxes and other enchilada from down under during two months. Mines (2) were just $38 bucks shipment included. Pure steel. Solid like a rock.


Get in their website, sign in for an E-Account, become a costumer and start ordering your steel pulleys there. You wont regret it. Choose Width (9mm, 12mm or 15mm wide belt); Bore (8mm or 10mm wide shaft); Teeth (12T, 14T, 15T, 16T, 18T or 20T); Set Screws (1xM4, 2xM4 or 1xM5 screws); Overhang (with, or without the overhang lip).

Don’t waste your time searching the entire planet for these impossible (cheap unicorns) motor pulleys that almost always come from China, are made of aluminum and their teeth wear down after a couple hundred miles. Eskating fast, great service, great quality. Completely satisfied (link)… :point_down:


The enclosure looks like ABS on the outside but carbon on the inside. How did you make it?


Thing Of Beauty :slight_smile:

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What kv motors did the Predator have? I thought you had 190 on there? What top speed you looking for with the pheonix, upper 20mph ish? Just curious if you went for the 170kv for VESC head room or what.

Beautiful by the way, and glad you got a Trampa resurrection!

Looking great Alan.

As someone else mentioned you should incorporate the Phoenix into the top.


@Eboosted Here it is as an SVG if you wanna get it cut from vinyl.


Road rash scars underneath the shading(motorcycle days)

However that circle in-between the orange and purple plume is road rash from a Trampa lol…

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That’s what I thought, I have a lot of ink as well, and I thought that shading looked… particularly… bruisey? LoL

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Really good looking build Alan! :heart_eyes:


Congrats @Eboosted great build as you get us used to. What about the BMS? And more important, how does the VESC6 feels riding in comparison with the FOCBOX?

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The VESC6 are only runing with 3D print enclosure, no cooling at all.

I’m going to monitor temps on my way home today