The Predator | Trampa Street Carver | 12S4P | Dual 6374 | Kaly motormounts and enclosure

Hello guys this is my going to be my 3rd build, I’m really excited for it, this feeling of being able to create your own vehicle is awesome, I know I’m not the first one to build a Trampa Street Carver but to me it feels like I’m the first in the universe.

I was waiting to finish it to post all pictures at once but I decided to use this thread to document everything as I move forward.

Final board:

Beautiful Trampa deck 14ply (glad I went with it instead of the 15 ply, it’s flexible but not too much, BTW I’m 154lb (70kg)

Mini vertigo trucks, even wider than the Evolve hangers

Red springs on white dampas

Here is the truck mounted on the deck, this is the urcan carver position, I had to switch to street carver position later in order to gain more height and avoid hitting stuff on the road

I repositioned the springs to the inner position and the carving is now amazing, maybe too much, I’ll have to give it a try later when I testthe board on the street:

I shaved the MBS wheels on the lathe in order to avoid the resonance that might have something to do with the trucks cracking, check this post for more info:

Here is the final board:

The wide hangers are pretty wide, wider than I expected, so I’m happy with them:

The 6374 motors a pretty big and feel heavy, there no such thing as “too much power” :grin:

The motors came with nude phase cables and @Kaly included 5.5mm bullets on each motor and a the correct JST connector to connect directly to the VESC. I covered them with braided nylon sleeving in order to get a profesional look and protect them:

I went with Samsung 30Qs from, I got a pretty good deal as I purchased 210 units for me and my friends e-boards.

Tomorrow I’ll begin with the battery assembly, here is a 12S4P on Kaly’s enclosure, I hope I could fit the antispark switch, BMS and charger in there.

My 8.1/2 month pregnant GF helping me to change the motors on my Vanguard:


Dude … she’s a freaking saint… cheers to the new addition :beers:


Not a saint at all, she wanted an expensive purse, so she was being kind :yum:


Nah… she’s a saint … my lady would have none of that … no matter what purse lol

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#1.) Your gf is a saint, hands down… expensive purse or not ;0 #2.) How did you reach #3.) How much per cell did you end up paying for the 18650s?

Im looking forward to your build as Im either going to be doing one quite similar or having kaly send me a street carve and the urban carve adaptation set and just DIY a lipo pack (I’m looking to do 14S/15S and a higher reduction of say 13t/47t with ABEC 97s… volt up, gear down and all)…

Thanks in advance! Regards, Mike

Hey man:

  1. Yeah, she really is!
  2. You reach him by PM on the forum @Kaly
  3. I paid US$ 522.01 for 110 cells, that’s US $ 4.75 each Samsung 30Q shipped to Miami

13/47 is too much reduction for my taste, if you use 190KV motors and 10S, you would get only 18MPH, really slow.

If you get Kaly 6355 230KV motors and 12S you could raiuse your tops speed up to 27MPH much better, but I’ll shoot to 36MPH with 12S 190KV and 16/36T


Today I prepared the batteries to spotweld my 12S4P array tomorrow

Some isolation as an extra measure of safety is never bad:

Here the huge dual 6374 motors on their mounts:

Rear view:


These Trampa boards and trucks are so damn sexy they really do a great job. Congrats on getting this board but for the more on becoming the best thing you can imagine, a father :smiley:

shout out to your waifu

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Today was “spot-weld-day”


So, I finished the board yesterday 3:00am:

It was worth it!, this board is nothing like any of my previous builds, it’s freaking fast, a lot of power to handle right off the bat, torque is ridiculous and it’s fun, FUN! to ride it.

I’m runing 40T drive pulley at the moment, still waiting on the 36T pullies from Kaly, buy I’m not sure why would I want more speed than this ever!

The 6374 motors are amazing, I knew I was going to get more power but didnt think it was that much, they also look badass.

However, it was difficult to align those motor mounts, they always get crooked at different angles, I’ll try to align them tomorrow.

Final board:


Here a small bech test:


Electronics ready!


Nice build Eboosted !

Where did you get that Spot Welder ? Kaly is making a smaller 36T Pulley ??

Do you think those Thin Nickel Strips can handle all the Amps the 4P can putout ?

the series connection is what has to handle high currents. so as long as his series connection cable is thick enough the single or double nickel strip should be sufficient.

Some of the high current also flows through the Parallel connection also. (cumulative)


I think it has to be silicone wire due to the flexiness of the Trampa Board. I hope he kept in mind that he should have soldered the series cable in the middle of the 4P pack - otherwise the nickel strip is part of the series connection and might exceed the recommended current.

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I solder some solid copper wire to Nicker Before i spot weld .


I remember reading somewhere about this being a big nono due to dangerous fumes that can be released if you spot weld a solder joint. I believe I heard it from @chaka

I have done the same thing on top of a double layer nickel strip just to be safe. @whitepony switched to using several layers and no copper AFAIK. I prefer solder wick now over solid copper though - makes reusing your pack simpler as the layout can be changed more easily.