The proof that you can electrify your longboard for 350$

Some short facts in the beginning: This build was made by me and is (of course) improvable. After building there are some things I would change, but I’ll come to this later on. Since I am a poor student and also don’t have access to 3D printing, CNC, or other “heavy” machines I did it really DIY style at all. EDIT: the 350$ is without the longboard itself. You’ll need some flywheel like wheels and Caliber or Paris trucks and some deck.

So how come the 350$? Here’s my build in a nutshell: Electronics: Turnigy SK3 5055 430kv Brushless Outrunner Motor ------------ 50$ Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo pack (2x, so 6S) ------------------ 40$ Alien 120A 2-7S EV Mini ESC BEC -----------------------------------65$ Alien 2.4Ghz Electric skateboard remote control ------------------50$ Quanum E4 Cube 50W Balance Charger ---------------------------20$ Mechanical parts: Alien motor mount with Pulley system--------------------------------120$ Toolbox with a grab handle from a hardware store ------------------5$

Miscellaneous: these things aren’t important if you either have them already or don’t wanna buy them Cell (Voltage) checker 2$ HXT4mm Battery Harness Series Cable 2$ Electronic remote switch (LED ON/OFF) 5$ Dual Ultra Bright LEDs (Red/white for back/front) 5$

So here’re some advantages and disadvantages of my build. The motor has way to less torque. It gives me great top speed but I need to push before the motor can push me. The tool box neither looks good nor provides good air circulation or safety for the components. Also I don’t have a switch so plugging cables is necessary. The good points being the lightweight and the small size of the board. The motor provides amazing speeds when having enough torque! And, my main goal, the board is cheap but functional! If you have access to machines you can also build the enclosure and the mount by yourself to save another 60$.

Improvements: Buy a 63mm motor instead of a 50mm one Buy a good enclosure with air circulation A switch and charging ports would be an extra!

This is my first article, if you’ve any suggestions please let me know! Pics will follow and links too if requested.

By the way I’m sorry for the "-"s being before the price, I couldn’t help it. Someone please tell me how to do this properly lol :smile:

I’m quiet okay with it, first time soldering hehe


nice! Hope you enjoy your “little” buddy. Thinking about a mini build like this myself for the fun of it and for portable commuting around the lakeside. But an EMTB build sounds just oo good :slight_smile:

btw: have you ridden it already? 6s and inclines (light) sounds like something that wont happen ?!

Good Job! @Davey Nice to know that there are build options to fit any budget. And I like the way you overlapped the shrink tube on your bullet connectors. Now all we need is a ride along video.

the way you listed it is fine Imo.

The ---- dashes ----- are fine as is, if it bugs you, you can always just type in the prices first, then the description.

Nice small build. Having a small budget can do wonders on creativity.

Nice list, its pretty good. Tbh its better to go with 63mm based motor like you said, that would be additional 20usd. But you can have the 30usd mini remote from aliexpress therefore the cost is the same.

This build satisfy me alot at the beginning until water issues arrive, battery not big enough and lipo dying so quickly so keep those in mind :smiley: also the brakes of ESC is too loud and not so strong.

In overal this is a perfect guide for newbie to begin with, any improvements on each of the parts would be so ideal.

  • Newb Alert. its 350usd without the longboard set. So in the end its still around 500usd (excl build time and tooling).

And he don’t counted the shipping on it. Alien Shipping to America was 39£ when I bought my parts

Depends where you live

How much it costs to Usa?

They are a UK company so probably still less than Brazil

True, Brazil is terrible to import things, My Bms and my charger are stopped at International Revenue Service (We call it Receita Federal) and I can’t finish my build… Expect have a good grade at Toefl and go to a University in Usa or other country.


did no one else pick up on that???

probably a bit on the high side. (not saying it wont work because I know for a fact it will) its gonna pull some amps.

Indeed I did not. Shipping for me was 5$ from Alien power systems and I didn’t calculate the shipping for every country in the world…

Oh yeah. The ESC gets warm/hot so I need to build a fan in it :wink: After buying I read that the maximum kv you should use is like 250-300, but yeah 430 works pretty well after the start.

Yes I have. [quote=“Davey, post:1, topic:19499”] It gives me great top speed but I need to push before the motor can push me. [/quote]

What do you mean with inclines?

Video will follow but I need to buy a better selfie stick hehe. And the overlapping thing worked well, I did it with the motor cables to the ESC too

My first board was very similiar with this but it did cost 350 euros including longboard.

also no charger in that list. My 450€ build was probably even cheaper in the end :smiley:

I have built a board with that 430kv motor as well as a 280kv motor, and the 280kv motor helps to get it moving from standstill, while the 430kv boosts up the top speed. its hecktic fast.

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