"The Psycho Beast" Landyachtz Evo | Dual 6355 | Focboxes | 12S5P | Psychotiller SixShooters | SurfRodz

This board started its life as an eskating Dual Beast. Generally I was happy with it apart from a few issues however a few weeks ago I tried an Evolve board with pneumatics and upgraded battery. The performance was unimpressive but the ride on the pneumatics, on the crappy roads we usually ride on, was an eye opener. I was pushed towards SurfRodz, @psychotiller mounts and SixShooters by some guys in the forum you know who you are @Skunk @Wraith

So I present you the board in its current form. The Psycho Beast








And of course the obligatory weightweenie scale pic


I had to get creative with custom spacers and 3d printed parts to keep the track as narrow as possible.

I only went for a quick ride and wonder why I ever bothered with thanes. If I lived in a place where all the roads were perfect then maybe but unfortunately this is not the case. The ride is unlike anything I have experienced and it has transformed the board. I can even ride on roads where I had to get off the board and walk. I still need to figure out what my wh/km is but as long as I have a 30-35km range I am happy Finally, I now understand why everyone raves about @psychotiller. This guy has the best customer service I have experienced. Period.


Dude!!! Means alot!! Thank you.


Just speaking the truth man. Here is the spacer I made to get the wheel closer to the truck in case anyone wants it.

It is similar to this spacer only 4mm thinner

In the back I used a 21mm spacer between the truck and the wheel and a 6mm spacer on the outer side to take up the extra bolt length.

In the front a 23mm spacer between the truck and the wheel and a 7mm spacer on the outer side to take up the extra bolt length.


Thanks for your advice, I think i’ll end up with nearly exactly the same thing!

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Noice man. Knew You’d be happy. Those trucks with tillers parts are next level. I’ve got three new sets of urethane wheels… trying to hold off getting addicted to 6shooters just yet myself.


Glad it turned out so well! Then again you cant go wrong with top quality SR and six shooters :sunglasses: I can’t wait to eventually order a set too!


Wow, this looks amazing! If I could only get some damn time to get mine put together! I broke down and got me some six shooters and SRs too!


Got my first two proper rides today. I was grinning like a madman the whole time. I could stay on full throttle whenever I felt like it.

Now I need a 13S10P and quad 6374s :rofl:. However the father and professional in me will tell me to settle for what I have (although I see 6374s in the not too distant future :smirk:). I am not a young man anymore.

@psychotiller you wouldn’t have any 18T motor pulleys laying around would you? I feel the need, the need for speed. :joy:


Fixed that for you. Send more money to @psychotiller

That should count as a few more punches on my card right @psychotiller?


THIS (10char)


Do you have a close up of the outside of the wheels?

No 18s but I could send you some scary fast 42t pulleys for your wheels

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Are you trying to get me killed dude? :smiley: That would get me a top speed around 75km/h :open_mouth:

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I can take a pic. Anything in particular you would like to see?

Just a closeup to see how far out the axels are from the wheel.

And you should go for the 42t. The extra speed is ok. But the feel is just much better. It will take some of the distance and torque then the battery run low, but you have 12s and that should be better… I think. (I run 10s).

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I have the dimension of the spacers I made on my first post.

Seriously, I can’t go to a 42T. Where I live is very hilly (think San Francisco). I already overheat my motors and on occasion my Focboxes and I am not that heavy (75-78kg depending on what I ate the previous night :joy:)


The outside of the wheel please :slight_smile:

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@taz would it work with street wheels?

Of course

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