The Sleeper: Landyachtz Evo

So I have a friend who fell in love eectric skateboards not too long ago, so I built this stable board for him, he didnt have much money ATM so I tried to keep it as low as possible, but he plans to upgrade some parts when money is available in the future

Here are some pictures, hope you like them:

Landyachtz Evo Deck courtesy from @deckoz 40 Samsung 30Q cells from IMR Batteries 1 set of flywheels from the Muirskate (best shop ever) 2 @torqueboards VESCs 2 @torqueboards 6355 motors 2 @torqueboards motor mounts 1 10S BMS for charging only 2 Caliber II trucks 2 Sets of @Titoxd10001 pullies 2 Custom motor mount clamps 1 Antispark switch from @goldenHusky

I started by sporwelding the 30Q with double nickel strips from Battery Supports, pretty good strips there:

Then I used fish paper to avoid rubbing and possible future shorts between group of cells and between each row, I used 10AWG wire to connect the group of cells and avoid strips breaking due vibrations

I used the Evo enclosure I designed some weeks ago. The available space was more than enough to work easily, considering @deckopz has done a 13S5P on this same enclosure :scream:

I made my own motor mounts on a local lathe, they were a bit expensive but it was fast as my friend couldn’t wait any longer, he eager to get on and ride it.

Battery wrapped, getting ready to connect all electronics:

On/off switch with antispark from @goldenHusky

@Titoxd10001 pullies on 107mm Flywheels

Motors installed:

I made a cutout for the battery capacity tester, it fit pretty nice and the green background matched the wheels nicely

F@ck the grub screws and keyways, I had so many issues in the past with them. Loctite forever

Here is the finished board:

As you can see the ground clearance was not very good and the motors touch the enclosure on full leans, so I’m gonna install some risers on Monday.

I’m charging it at the moment:


Dude the build looks great. Don’t worry a riser won’t change it to much as it is a.significant drop on the deck… I run a 3/8"


That’s a thick riser, I’ll try to find something like that

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Nice build. Good looking board

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lucky friend. my friend’s don’t invite me to eat with them at chick-fil-a


@Eboosted which loctite do you use for that? Do you just blast it with a heat gun if you need to take off the pulley?

This dude always manages to make his boards so professional looking. Kinda makes me mad

You’re setting the bar real high @Eboosted, too high for me at least


This makes me laugh…I just finished building my brother an Evo with TB 218s, popacas, 10s4p & dual FocBoxes. Looks very similar.

This almost the new standard for starter/reliable boards.


It’s honestly a good deck… Lots of space for a huge battery if you want it… Stiff, dropped, w concave with the rear drop for acceleration footing. Little low on anything smaller then 107s… But big enough cutouts for pneumatics if you did want them…


I use this wonder

If you want to remove it, just hear gun for 1 minute and remove with no effort with a flat screw driver


I really like the evo, it’s a little big but a very comfortable tide and really turn with numies and a little bushing creativity.

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Same thing here (haven’t unpack lots of Santa’s gifts yet)… :yum:

Thats one clean ass build… hats off

Show us a picture of Santa presents!

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What??? This looks pro as F#$%k. Hardly any corners cut.

Is it possible to use 262 too?

I don’t recommend. I use 243 and that is sometimes pain in the ass to remove even i use torch to heat up locktite.

@Eboosted what charger are using to charge? Is it a boost/buck converter?

Also love the colour theme looks amazing!

Well the 680 is specifically designed for tangencial force and it’s very easy to remove with a torch gun

Yep, but @ARetardedPillow asked about 262 which is strong thread lock if I’m correct. Tough not sure how it makes difference if u heat it.