The Stars and Stripes | Painted Blank Deck | Caliber II 50 | Dual 63X4 | Custom Mount | 10s 18650 | VESC

I’m beginning to order and gather all my parts together. I’ve got a few questions that I’m looking for some input on, but here’s what I’ve got so far.

Deck: Blank from CustomSkateboards which I’ll paint to look like this when I’m done running wires and such.

Trucks: Caliber II 10"/50° - Raw Wheels: Blue Flywheel Clones w/ ABEC 9 Bearings

Mount: Custom Mount that I’ll machine myself. Homemade, modified version of @psychotiller’s mount.

Motors (dual): 6354 Turingy Aerodrive sk3 260kv Battery: 10s4p 18650 Pack. I’ll be making this one myself. Still debating which exactly which cells and BMS to go with. ESC: VESC. Also building myself

I do have a few questions that I’m hoping someone can give me some insight on. First, I’d love to do dual 6364 sk3 motors, but I’ve read that they’re too large for trucks smaller than 195mm. I did some CAD mock-ups (using the measurements on HobbyKing) and while it may be tight (If i give 11mm on each side from the face of the motor mount to the edge of the truck, it only leaves a few millimeters in between the motors), I think it may work. Here’s the diagram. I’m worried I’m missing something obvious. Anything blatantly stand out? (Besides the fact that Caliber II’s are 184mm, but 4mm would just give a little extra breathing room)

Second, if I can’t do the dual 6364 above, I think I’ll be doing the 6354 listed up top. I also came across some things saying that 260kv not only wasn’t ideal, as stated here, but would actually cause problems (here). Can anyone elaborate on this?

Besides those, I just need to make some decisions on a controller (I’m between the NunchuckRF and the GT2B badwolf mod) and mounting (I’m thinking about vacuum forming…)

Anyways, any thoughts are appreciated, and thanks for all the fantastic info I’ve found on this forum!

edit: updated deck picture mockup

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this is gonna be good

I dont think the hobbyking measurements take in to account the 1-2mm shaft chamfer that sticks out of the back of the motor. I beleive this is to tight, unless you don’t mind sticking the motors on a lathe and remove a bit of material

For your Captain Americruiser, you could try the uneven drive with a 6354 & 6364, if both 6364’s don’t fit. Gear them differently to run the same speed, or gear the same to get turbo boost effect. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Or you could put the motor mounts on either side of the rear axle.

I don’t know if HobbyKing takes the 1-2mm shaft chamfer into account, that’s exaclty the kind of thing I was wondering if someone on here knew. Anyone who has a 63x4 sk3, how close are your measurements to what’s on hobbyking?

I wouldn’t mind taking a bit off on a lathe, but I’d rather not put them on different sides of the rear axle. Though If i were to do that, I’d probably just get two 6374s…

@rpn314 Looks like the total length on Hobby King is correct, but the mount surface-end of can length is a little short. Here I have a:

SK3 6354 260kv Total length = 83mm Mount surface-end of can/shaft length = 57mm

SK3 6364 245kv Total length = 103mm Mount surface-end of can/shaft length = 77mm

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@Mobutusan Wow. I can’t thank you enough! That is exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately that’s definitely going to make it closer to impossible than possible. Hmmm…I’m kind of leaning towards going for it and possibly shaving some off or just mount them on either side of the truck…

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I’ve seen a few people use 26650 cells instead of 18650. Does anyone have any experience with the Basen IMR 26650 at Li-Ion Wholesale?

They seem to be a very nice cell. If you have the ground clearance, I think would be a great cell, especially for the price, the continuous (40A) and pulse discharge (60A) current, and the capacity (4500mAh). They also seem to have similar voltage characteristic (3.6V nominal, 4.2V charge) as the 18650s that are normally used.

Am I missing something obvious? I feel like I must missing something obvious or these would be used in a lot more builds… Anyone see something wrong with using these? (probably in a 8s2p or 10s2p setup)

No one uses them because they are not a well know brand. Stick with the name brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, A123. If you want to try 26650s get A123s. The specs also sound too good to be true.

i hope youre adding a V8 sound module and an endless loop of south parks “america, fuck yea!”



they are good batteries that work fine i am only using these lgs right now because i got a really good deal.

Have you used them @willpark16 ? The specs sound too good to be true.

Used and I can personally say Yea they’re legit plus if u check the comments all they have is good ratings

If they were 18650s I’d be more worried about those specs, but they seem like believable specs for a 26650.

@willpark16 I’ve read some decent reviews on them as well (in addition to the brand as a whole) in a few vaping forums (which seem to have a lot of good info on lithium-ion cells). I think I’m gonna go for them…just need to figure out what BMS I want.

I’m thinking about just getting a cheaper one (lower amp output principally) and just use it for charging and bypass it for discharging.

So I’m really delving into the world of BMS’s. I’ve seen it mentioned that some just bypass the BMS for discharge (ie: connect the battery discharge leads straight to a switch and then to the VESC, instead of going through the BMS). I would imagine that at that point it wouldn’t matter if I got a super low discharge BMS, since it would be bypassed anyways. Does that sound right?

So a follow up to that, I would love to get a BesTech, but I think they’re a little more expensive than I can swallow, and the BatterySupports ones seem okay, but I figure if I’m going to bypass the discharge anyways, I could probably get away with something cheaper. Does this one (besides that it’s on ebay) sound off any alarms? Or does anyone know of a cheaper one at BesTech? I’m getting pretty lost on their site…

BTW: I’m leaning towards a 10s, but I’m still toying with the idea of an 8s

Should work when you bypass it while discharging. I’m thinking of the same for some days now.

So I finally physically got on my deck and rode around(since I finally got my mounting hardware), and found that it was way more flexy that I thought it was before (especially given that it’s a 7-8 ply maple deck)…so I guess I’m doing a split enclosure. In case anyone wanted to see how flexy the decks from CustomSkateboards are, you can see a quick gif here:

or the full video here on youtube. For reference, I’m at 200 lbs right now…


How long did it take for you to get your board from CustomSkateboard? I’m considering using the blank Freeride board they have for my first-ever build. I was going to get an actual vanguard for this, but figured since I’m just contemplating my first build, I should start cheap!

It took about 11 days from order to delivery.

My order timeline:

June 10 - Order Placed and paid for via PayPal June 13 - Processing = “This order has a 10-15 business day production time. You will receive a UPS tracking number via email once your order is finished and shipped out.” June 17 - Shipped June 21 - Delivered