Theft prevention

Today I found this®-Electric-Positions-Keylock-Switch/dp/B007QAJ2Q0 Thoughts???

Whats the point? Theft prevention? Grab the board and walk away…

BTW: that will only work as a replacement for the switch on an antispark, it will burn if you try to use it as a standalone switch.

Everyone who just grab your board can open it at home and change the switch. So why?

Also the switch is rated for 1 amp. Wouldn’t work unless you’re using an e-switch.

This is the kind of security I want to see:


hahahaha. that’s too good (keeping politics out of this though).

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This is the security level i like. Self-Tasing board anti theft FTW.

So how can we integrate an electrical shocking system? I say someone has your remote and is wearing rubber soles showed, how will this shock them?

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integrate a taser into your remote. A lot of remotes already look like a gun so why not!


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Maybe a second remote, and a GPS on the board. That way you could track it, and when you see that someone’s running away on it you could use the second remote to slam the breaks on them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really want a GPS on my board but they still cost way to much. I wish someone would put out a good quality GPS tag that doesn’t take up more than 2 cubic inches or so and has good reliability that costs $60 or less and I can track on my phone. It would have to run off my boards power supply too so it can update location every 15 seconds at least.

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I laughed at this one hah!

I live in pussy ass CA so no guns for me without spending a shit ton of money for paperwork.

Shout out to the electrified trump sign


I wish I could… I wish I could… just get one of these way saver Not cheap. Thats Aus dollars.

This looks promising. It’s for a pet so you would obviously remove the collar. It would take up almost no room under your board at that point!

Around $50 USD. Even up to $100 would be worth the investment to me seeing as I spent over $800 on the board. I don’t plan to take my board many places where it wouldn’t be in my direct vicinity, but a good insurance plan.