Thickness of motor mount

Hey guys, I’m making a motor mount myself for my first build, and I’m wondering what a good thickness would be for a motor mount. I made the one in the pics out of 1/8 inch aluminum, and it seems to be super strong, but I’m thinking I may double it up to make it 1/4 thick… Let me know what you guys think!

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I’m using 6mm aluminium and that is definitely not going to bend

Alright, that’s about 1/4th inch. I think just to play it safe, I’ll double it up.

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Typically the pulley ends up far towards the end of the motor shaft with a thick plate. If you can make a recess for it then it’s not as far along the shaft. Add a recess for the little c-clip on the shaft and u can get closer.

If you made it a bit wider you could have just put a bend in it. It would have served as a bash plate and made it many times more stuff

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I garrantee that you are wrong on that one. I use 6mm aluminium brackets on all my builds and i have bent quite a few. I’ll put up some pick later.

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Must be some weak aluminium. I bought some premium stuff and it is extremely hard to bend. The torque from a motor and some regular hits will not do anything to it

post some pictures! lets see this thing. 6mm is a lot easier to machine and mill.

what do you mean by a bend?

Hard to explain but if you made the mount 1/2 inch wider you could have put a bend in it under the motor to act as a bash plate and stiffen it up kind of like an I beam. It would look like an L on its cross section .

Get it?

Dont get me wrong its tough and the torque from the motor alone wont bend it. But this is skateboarding. Its rough. You only have to hit a small rock at speed… just trust me it will eventually bend. BUT. its also easy enough to bend back.

What i am saying is Anything less than 6mm isnt going to survive.

Ahh, yeah that makes sense.

I get where you’re coming from man. I think I’m gonna start with a thinner mount and see how it holds up. If it’s getting to the point where I’m fixing it after every ride then I’ll move on to something bigger and stronger.

Do you know what grade aluminium you are using?

I using 6060 which is one of the stronger types. I have some weaker al around that is a much cheaper grade and I can bend it by leaning on it

Not sure. The label says nothing other than everbuilt flat bar aluminum

Im using 6060. It can bend.

Must be a different alloy or something. I can stand on mine and it won’t bend

Send it to me and ill send it back bent. I Promise.

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With the right tools you can bend anything - so whats the point? If it is strong enough for his purpose everything should be fine.

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I never said dont use it. Infact I said I do use it. The point is that I go out of my way to provide expert advice that is only good if you take it.

Also keeping in mind that this is the same guy I went out of my way for to mail a spare circlip for free!

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