This is How the extended Boosted pack looks

Just qnnounced

Nice, Where is your source?

Top secret source inside of Boosted HQ :slight_smile:


instagram my friend

Looks like they are still using A123 cells.

Those look like 18650 to me


we’re using one of the highest-performing cells on the market, which is currently available in limited volume. Boosted Electric Scooters and Skateboards, Longboards | In Stock

I think 18650’s - Not sure exactly which ones though

You think the 21700 would be valid? Its new and low quantitycas they are describin

Ah ok that’s what it is then.

They look big in the pic could be.

Disappointing range, at least for now. Cant believe how patient folks were and they under-delivered, proves how good our boards are. Range results are 6-6.5 miles (9.6-10.5 km) with aggressive riding style.

Ain’t nobody got time for facebook LoLz

Wasn’t this announced like a year ago?? 6.5 is a joke. Does anyone even ride a boosted on this forum anyway🤣


He rode the board pretty hard though. I think it would have gotten double range if he tried to milk it.

are you defending the boosted board :astonished:


Lol, I had one once upon a time. It was a great board for 3 miles at a time lol.

Just saying, riding the board as hard as he can doesn’t seem like the best way to provide range estimates compared to the original

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I’ve had my Boosted boards just hanging on the wall for a year waiting for that extended range. It a good board to ride for fun but I have no idea how people actually use it as a primary mode of transportation. I’m never going to waste an hour sitting in a Starbucks just to charge. Unless I was still in college and studied there like I used to I guess


27 cell in the picture Not sure if it is 9s3p Wonder which cell are they using

It is a 10s3p 4 cells at the top 6 at the buttom and thee in a row. That brings it up to the same voltage with the old pack of 12s1p of a123 cells.

From range looks more like a high current cell, would not surprise me if cell capacity it 2.6 or 2.5. A123 cells deliver true 2.5 ah while three 18650 lion cells at high load can deliver more than 6.5ah. That accounting for range we have seen on reviews.

you mean 10s3p?