This is why we don't play with e-skateboards inside

Today while I was selling my time for food and a roof over my head I encountered an office manager who was really “fascinated” by my board. So of course I said she could have a go, I suggested the nearby park but a phobia of birds meant that she decided inside the office was the best place.

So after the usual briefing I gave her the remote, it all went very well for about 30 secs, then she moved her finger to try to brake in the wrong direction and the board shot off across the room, hit a cabinet, toppled a cabinet and sent the plants on top of the cabinet flying across the room.

The office manager who had cat like reflexes was completely unharmed, as were the plants and the cabinet after they were rescued from the floor. Despite the result the entire office agreed this was an entirely valid experiment and was to be encouraged - I like these people and I think I would definitely work with them again.

There is CCTV footage but the file they gave me was corrupted. I am going to send an email on monday and see if I can get an MP4 that will play and post it.


Leaving me footprint here to be notified of that glorious footage you promised


Hahaha gas man cctv footage n all :joy::joy:

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If you can’t get the footage I expect you repeat the experiment under same circumstances but with a bunch of gopros strategically positioned. Swap the plants for plastic ones…poor things


I really hope I can get a non corrupted version, there were at least 15 people in absolute hysterics watching it back on the head of HR’s monitor (myself included), the best bit is the entire mezzanine floor jumping up from their desks to see what had happened downstairs.


Ok. So original and remake then. Deal

I managed to pull one frame from the mp4


Spoileeeers…Don’t do trailers man. Release the full footage.


Please get that footage!

I second that!

I was testing my board indoors, and forgot that its like a boosted trigger, when im not moving, and push the throttle back to brake, it goes in reverse. It broke through the drywall. Havent told my parents yet… :frowning:

This happened 6 months ago, dont ask how i managed to cover it up :slight_smile:


CCTV? 10 chars

thankfully we managed to clean up before “mum and dad” got home too :slight_smile:

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Oh no, they were home! They even heard the thump.

Nah no CCTV in my bedroom :slight_smile:

lmao! how did you explain it?

“My television remote fell” :stuck_out_tongue:


Bedroom? I guess it’s better that way then

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@krloz Close Circuit TV - i.e. the security cameras in the office

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haha if you can’t get the footage get one of them to film the screen on playback and send it to you!