This Short board setting?

Hey guys I recently bought Meepo NLS as a try out of esk8 and i fell in love with it.

I am trying to build a short deck one with a kick tail. Would this deck work??? Thinking of putting 90mm hub motors. 10s3p battery with meepo esc. let me know if it will be a problem…

  • Length (in): 31"
  • Width (in): 9.75"
  • Wheelbase: 15"
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 7 Plys

These are the specs

I actually really like that deck. I’d use it.

wheel base is 15" thats not a problem?

Depends what you’re trying to fit in that space.

90mm or 100mm dual hubmotors esc and battery obviously haha

Well the Hub motors have nothing to do with the wheelbase obviously HAHAHAHA

yea a esc will fit there obviously… And batteries come in a multitude of sizes obviously hahaha…

Ok, just wanted to make sure before lol. and probably 10s2p or 3p

Do you know any good hubmotor trucks? i would appreciate

I don’t hub motor. Hubs normally come on trucks already tho.

I’m trying to build a mountain board next… saving up the funds while i wait for the parts to lose its high price…

Yeah that deck would work if your battery and enclosure is less then 14 inches. Get some risers so there will be no wheel bite and you shouldn’t be aiming to go at high speeds with that deck. Why? Because it’s too small and one step on the kick tail will send you flying

You can go fast on short boards. Just takes different skill set. I regularly bomb random hills on my 30inch deck (easy 30mph) and always have my foot locked into the tail, but my body weight is focused on the front.


So… im thinking of putting these… along meepo esc. Would this work fine? as long as i install it some how on the board?

No, no, personally wouldn’t buy those because it’s cheap, comes from China, not dissing China, it’s just to good to be true

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arent those used by meepo anyways?

2$ a cell, that’s so cheap, how can you trust that, it probably has some really cheap cells that sag super fast

Look up dickyho2017 on eBay, he’s got some good stuff. Only caveat is shipping time

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It does say it only charges 500 cycles tho

The hubs are actually ok, they look like the May tech