Tired of almost dying... MTB to EScooter

As the title states, I’m tired of close calls. Riding in and around NYC is dangerous and I have barely avoided severe injury several times. I love boarding and even kicking but this just isn’t the place for me. So, I am going to build an off road electric scooter. This will be fun as I live in an apartment with no access to a welder, saws, or a grinder. Going to see what I can do with a dremel and basic hand tools.

Specs so far: 10s2p 10ah 150/300C lipo pack BatteryTech BMS FOCBOX 200x50mm MBS Pneumatics Kaly NYC 190kv 6374

I think the 190kv may be to high so I will probably get a lower Kv and possibly larger size. I haven’t completely decided on how this build will go but I will certainly have a hand brake in the front. I will either adapt the rear wheel for a sprocket or adapt the scooter frame to mount on a skate truck and use dual drive!

This is my base platform I believe, that may change.


I ride in Chicago with my mountain board and it can be very dangerous riding downtown… which is why my commuter is a boosted board style board

190kv is just about perfect for 10s. Just get the correct gearing, and it’ll be fine. Might want to look into adding some kind of cooling fan/impeller to the motor just to make sure it runs cool.

Even when I was riding without bindings I hated bailing at 20mph. I believe this will be a fun alternative as well as a bit more safe and a lot more brakes!


The only issue with the 190 is the rear wheel may be a 12" pneumatic. That’s a bit of resistance but then again I’ll be kicking off. I may adapt the rear of the scooter to bolt to a 218mm truck and run dual 6374 like on my MTB.

Maybe a more carvy smaller board would be better, I’ve had no issues swerving and dodging :grin:

It’s a sensored motor, right? You won’t have to kick off.

lol I’m also a 250# dude with not the greatest balance.

Lol well then scooter it is


And you can jump curbs/ pot holes at speed now lol

This is true! I really want to find a way to use the complete scooter I posted.

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Can I recommend a different option? Rather than go sprocket, do a BLDC hub motor for scooters they are very very common and you can get them up to 1600-2000W. My motor is rated for 1600W but my battery pack utilizes a lot less – I think only up to 600W.

If you do the 6374 and sprocket you will have this motor hanging out the side… it doesn’t look good on a scooter. On eboard they tuck underneath or in line with the width of the board.

I get 35-37 mph top speed and about 35-40 miles distance per charge. I also have (2) Trampa boards a carver and MTB. But for my daily commuter, I ride the scooter especially with backpack and I can’t wear full body armor when I go to work in the morning.

I paid about $630 for it. It’s called a Speedway 4 (rebranded as Futecher now)

FYI – here is a picture of it and the hub motor:

The hub motor:

Here is like a 1000W hub motor you could get:


Come down to ocean city nj. The entire place is pretty much deserted compared to summertime. Gonna have the boardwalk all to myself in a few weeks.

One thing to keep in mind, in NYC, ebikes and escooters are illegal and can be confiscated. Esk8 is more of a grey area since it doesn’t exactly fall under any law.

You might look at this scooter instead, it has 200x50mm wheels so MBS wheels should pop right in.

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Those wheels look trick on that scoot @mmaner :smiling_imp:

Do you think they have a all aloy hub?

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I saw this one a bit earlier but the footbed is quite short as well as not really having room to mount a pulley on the rear wheel.

If I can find a way to add a pulley to these wheel I will cut about 8" out of the platform and put an extra longboard I have as the footbed.

You can build around a Frinction drive @ the rear, no gearing nothing. dead simple no mechanical failiure. u can also swap out the motor very easy. I saw some people using it. they just wrap around motor a 40 grit sand paper.

only down side is no more regen brake, unless u build spring mount to tension it all the time

I actually did this on a small bike and while it did work, it was not very efficient.