Torque ESC & Motor combo: No torque & stutter on start up

Problem: After setting up my board I went to test it and found that under load (standing on the board) the motor jitters and has trouble starting. When not under load it spins just fine.

My Equipment: Torque ESC BLDC (Link) Torque Motor 6355 190KV (Link) 12s2p Battery Pack (Link)

Steps I’ve taken:

  1. Upgraded the VESC firmware.
  2. Ran through the motor setup wizard successfully.
  3. Ran through the input wizard successfully.

Parameters in VESC tool BLDC Mode Motor Current Max: 80A Motor Current Max Brake: -60A Absolute Max Current: 100A Battery Current Max: 50A Battery Current Max Regen: -10A Max ERPM: 100,000 Max ERPM Reverse: -100,000 ERPM Limit Start: 80%

D 0.20 I 3.00A w 5000 RPM P 0.00 degrees IB 3.00 A HB 3.00 A

I’ve read other threads on here and tried some of the suggestions. Nothing thus far has helped. This morning I did change one parameter that seemed to help quite a bit, but wasn’t sure it’s the RIGHT thing to change.
On the General Menu, Advanced Tab I changed Minimum Duty Cycle from 0.5% to 2.0% which seems to have made a difference (at least with bench testing, haven’t ridden yet).

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

Off topic, but seems a bit high bat max values for this esc. Plus I would limit my max erpm to ±60000 with 12s 190kv.

If you run through the motor wizard, the hall sensors had a valid result and you also applied this result and downloaded it to the esc?

Did you run the motor detection with belt or without!

youre supposed to do it with or without…? I cant remember which way I did mine and youre making me second guess myself… x)

I got the Battery Current Max of 50A from https:// support. The 100A may be too high indeed. Prob need to drop that down to 60 or so I’m guessing.

Not sure I follow you regarding “With or without.” With or without what?

I think your battery max current is too high for a 12s2p. 2px15a = 30. So max should be 30A.

Have you tried to kick push first, start the board rolling, then throttle?

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Suggested to make it without

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, who is the vendor gave me the battery max value of 50A for that pack.

I can get the board started and yes kick starting will get it going but after reading others using similar components you should not have to do that when it’s setup correctly.

Without belt

What battery do you have? Link points to the esc. Batt max most probably set too high.

Jitter sounds like sensor wire is not connected/bad connection, or hall sensor mode not enabled in vesc, or sensor detection not set up, or hall sensors are doa…?

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Besides the fact that your battery max can output 40a I wouldn‘t run 50a on a hw4.12 vesc without heatsink. Just my suggestion. I know they write 50a on the homepage

Try running sensor detection again. No problem or error?

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Andy87 - Thanks! I ran it with out the first several times, but this last time I ran it with - So, I do need to go back and remove the belt and run again.

Also, thanks for the suggestion on the max erpm. I had no idea what to set this number to.

Yes, I have applied the result of the motor wizard after it ran. I know many people forget that, but I did do that.

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Battery is 12s2P

I am running in BLDC mode so the sensor wire is not connected. BLDC vs FOC is new to me but when I talked to diyelectricskateboard support he said that I should run in BLDC with out the sensor wire (in fact he said it won’t work with the sensor wire connected).

Ok. So that’s why it jitters.

Push start is your friend then.

I know it’s 12s2p, but what cells? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I’ll drop the max down to 40A and see how it works. I don’t think that’s affecting my jitter issue but it may save my ESC. What should the absolute max current be set to??

Just let the absolute how it is. Looks good. Without sensors it’s normal that it jidders. Like @Sebike said, give your board a small push and it should run without problems

Samsung 30Q.

So are you saying that you would expect a pack that is 12S2P to always require a push start?

It’s not the pack. It’s because you don’t use your sensors.


People run bldc mode with sensors. I don’t know why the TB support guy told you otherwise. I don’t like stutter, so I’d run with sensors if I were you.

With a 12s2p 30q batt max should be 15 to maximum 20 a per p pack = 30 to 40 for the battery. Has nothing to do with your motor issues though.

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