TorqueBoards 218mm Truck Stability Tips

Hey guys, since getting the 218 to fit dual 6374 I’ve been trying to get the trucks ridable at speed and finally got there, so figured I’d share what I did and maybe others have tips too. Frankly speaking all the rubber bits that it comes with are garbage, the bushings, pivot cups.(I wish just the hangar was sold). First thing I tried was replacing bushings with stock caliber, that helped but still very unstable at 25-30, next I replaced base plate and pivot cup with stock caliber, that helped further but still wobbly. The magic bullet was all new bushings and pivot cup. Bones cone 96A, Nipples 96A, RipTide 96A. Wobble doesn’t exist even if I try and turning wasn’t affected at all for me. I’m only 165lbs so I was a bit concerned going high duro for everything, but it’s the most stable the board has felt since getting the trucks. I feel comfortable now adding the 2nd 6374 and going over 30 :grin:


Looks good!

Really wish they would just sell the hangar too.

Pivot cups are seriously underrated upgrades… they make a HUGE difference. Especially if yours are stock and have lots of mileage.

The hangar doesnt even seat fully in the stock baseplate/pivot cup

Nipples felt pretty bad to me and are not recommended for calibers in the description. How much lean do you have and how is the carving… @thisguyhere

I’m only using them board side if that makes a diff, sharp turns at 20ish not a problem for me.

I should also mention I’m using regular length caliber trucks in front

@Titoxd10001 did you try with the torqueboards baseplate or did you swap to caliber baseplate?

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put on the blood orange insert barrel 92a + cupped washers last nite.

night and day difference.

these trucks finally feel tuned. but still worse ride quality than ronin and surfrodz.

put the nipples on the normal caliber, for the mono drive and feels ok, kind of falls over tho


not swapped

Was thisguyheres board. It was standard 218 baseplates. I’m waiting for a set of these for a friend tho and ima tune them.

Might try waxing the pivots and maybe those blood orange insert bushings. Thinking double barrel in the rear and barrel/cone in the front. Harder duro in the rear.

Nipples felt okay to start but then lock up when you start to lean

I’ll do some leaning over the weekend, see how it feels :wink:

which nipples? soft med hard?

reading that back I see that it’s ridiculous

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Hardest, 96A

Hard nipples lol

How’s the lean on the blood orange bushings. Speed wobbles?


k I had the medium so yrmv

My riptides 96a barrels roadside and boardside had no wobble either @35mph


none, they’re so much better. rebounds hard at full lean but at speed they’re stable af. huge improvement overall.

let’s hit river trail, wanna go best buy in glendale, its right off the trail.

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Yeah I’m down. Want to try your new setup because I’ll probably do the same to some 218s I got coming

Has anyone tried this base plate swap with a 44 degree caliber base plate? The torqueboards trucks are based on the 50 degree model so I was not sure if the 44’s would work.




AT 210lbs I throw all stock bushing away and swap in hard nipples.

So I would get the caliber pivot cups if I use the stock TB baseplate right? What’s the difference between standard and precision?


not sure about pivot cups, but i prefer insert barrel bushings: