Torqueboards direct drive clearance off the ground?


From the image it looks like the motor is less than an inch off the ground. I’m concerned it will scrape the ground if you roll over a large sidewalk crack or speed bump at an angle.


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Honestly, a whole new topic for this? It’s discussed in the thread multiple times.

It’s a 70mm motor, anything over 90mm wheels is fine.


Because finding information hidden in 1000s of replies is so simple…

If you go over a bump perindicular ofc it will be fine, but if you roll parallel over a bump that is 2 cm high then the motors could easily scrape

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There are 500 comments, which should be read before buying.

The last four comments on the thread discuss wheel size.

People have been using Carvon drives with thinner cans for years without major issue.


That looks like an issue albeit not a new one. I think motor needs to be guarded by a replaceable plate. However, other DD have been being used for some time so it may not be as serious of an issue.

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I’m sure Torqueboards doesn’t mind another topic in there name :wink:

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inb4 edit or delete

has there really been a whole topic about this one detail?

The question should be what is the ideal motor to wheel diameter ratio? Apparently Torque Boards has it figured out that the 110’s are best for these drives.


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It can scrape for an 83mm wheel but I don’t think the actual height difference is much of a difference compared to motor mounts (not motors).

90mm would be perfect. You can go smaller but I wouldn’t want too.

We all ride on flat grounds with some rocks…

I imagine everyone rides on rocky trails :slight_smile:


@boramiNYC - We thought of a replaceable plate but it would add to the thickness even more.

We wanted to release a bigger wheel overall and they would be perfect for our TBDD setup. But you can easily run 90mm’s on our setup as well.

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I definately go off road with these lol

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Lol I’ve gotten a lot done hits actually quite challenging… the real puzzle is this arc v2 I have crammed to the brim on my MBS lol

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I’m just happy this thread is providing some real insight now.


@slydunan Look it will barely have clearance and will most probably be hit. They ARE protected by a thicc 4mm can.

I believe they will last, just look at @fliess 's DD’s (he also put a thicc protective can around)

Edit: I have been looking at their website, every 10 damn seconds they sell the DD’s THEY ARE SELLING LIKE HOT PANCAKES!