Torqueboards v4 mount (it's sooooo sexy)

It’s here and it’s sexy, pics soon.

Give us the pics otherwise it didnt happen !

I’m in class at break


Do you know what caused @torqueboards to move away from the previous design?

my guess is that this is much easier/cheaper to make as it’s just two parts. instead of the five it was before.

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So is the price going to be cheaper as well? Those screws seem to be frighteningly small - can they really cope with the vibrations that are going on on a sketboard? How thick is the “sheet” and how thick the clamp?

If it works and gets cheaper I am all for it :thumbsup:

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Those screws are plenty big, some loctite will fix any vibration issues. Technically it’s not a sheet, it’s a plate of aluminum, I would guess around 3/8ths-1/4 inch thick.

As for cheapness, yes it might be cheaper to make, but he is going to charge what people are willing to pay :slight_smile:

mind posting a side view?

That clamp reminds of of @psychotiller 's but with fewer bolt holes.

two piece mounts just make more sense from a number of angles. Any design that drastically reduces the number of pieces and fasteners involved is a good one.

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Are you sure it’s torque’s v4 mount and not psychotiller vX ?? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, it is a nice one !! :sunglasses:

Hey guys,

The new design was designed for a few reasons.

  • Bring down the cost. 5 parts from 2 parts.
  • Remove all the bells and whistles. Which I personally, never used.
  • Move to 7075 Aluminium instead of 6061.
  • The use of different trucks is a nice feature but not every truck is equal. Not every hanger has enough horizontal space. Especially when tied in with different wheels.
  • Make the motor mounts much easier to use and assemble.
  • Make the center distance much smaller. Ability to use 255/265mm belts with 16T/36T.
  • Outboard/Inboard Mounting Positions
  • Easy ability to adjust belt tension. Loosen 4 bolts. Pull the motor. Tighten. You get more life out of your existing belts.

It is similar to Psychotiller’s mount. This was one of my original ideas before my last motor mount but I didn’t follow through with it due to wanting to add more bells and whistles.

Moving forward, it does help to keep it minimal and more durable/reliable.

It is a DIY setup. I’m fine with no belt cover, no motor cover. The ease of use to be able to just have a hex key tool and tighten up a belt is pretty nice. The smaller center distance is a nice as well.


Looks great. When will it be available?

Will you supply washers or lock washers to go with the bolts? I have added those to my mount to prevent the bolt head from digging into the aluminum. This prevents any cracking of the aluminum increasing fatigue life a lot.

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Hi Dexter ! Just a naive question … Why would small center distance be better ? The closer the centers, the less teeth covered for the motor pulley you get, don’t you ?

hey TB was just wondering what size the big clamp bolt is, just want to make sure im using the right one and not striping shit

For the distances that would be possible on esk8, I would assume it is basically negligible .

You re probably right ! :slight_smile:

@Jeff - As of now, I’m not using any washers or lock nuts for the mount. I can consider it if you truly wanted it.

@Akira - Less center distance would make the teeth count less but you would add extra teeth to accomadate. A 16T/36T would be perfect And/or you can also keep the belt tighter so the teeth are more intact. But from testing, shorter center distances have a more immediate/direct response.

@delta_19 - It’s an M6 x 25mm Bolt. Socket Cap.

I would strongly recommend the washers. They are less than a dollar and avoid potential issues a few hundred miles down very bumpy roads :slight_smile: