Total Newbie New Project

Hey everyone, I’m going to build my first electric skateboard. I’ve been doing lots of reading and there is some really interesting and helpful ideas on here. I was especially interested in @Namasaki build of 10s1p I’m thinking about building a 10s2p dual motored with the idea being of having a good power with a reasonable range (please correct me if I’m wrong) lol So far I have purchased the board onlyimageimage Thanks guys and look forward to seeing more projects and help

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Go with ncr20700b cells if going for 10s2p

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or lipos with high C rating (even if i´m not fan of lipos)


sweet deck, is it just a pool blank? What size wheels do you plan to run? Are you planning on running dual belt drive motors or dual hub motors? What do you consider reasonable range?

Thanks for the reply’s guys the board I’m am going to be using is a cruiser board so it’s nice and light. Dual motors which I’m looking on aps for. The batteries I was going to use was 5 x


Good batteries


aps have 10mm shaft on there motors. just in case you don´t know. so take care that you also buy the right pulleys :wink: usually it´s 8mm shaft

[These](Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 200KV 6-12S Brushless Motor Red Without Gear For Balancing Scooter motors are good and [These](Racerstar Motor Gear Red For BRH5065 BRH5045 Brushless Balancing Scooter Motor pulleys

that should fit together

Thanks @Grozniy I live in the uk if that makes a difference of getting parts

@Andy87 you had some experience with aps? :wink: :joy:

No experience yet, but just ordered 4 for my winter project that´s where I realized that they not like most of the others. But if you go hard, than bigger stator never bad :wink:

well let me know how that goes and I’ll keep you informed as they are going to possibly be my choice

which size of motor you wanted to take? what you plan to reach max speed and you want to have a lot of torque ?

If youre new to lipos you should really get some good reading in before you use them / charge them

be safe and good luck with your build :slight_smile:

depending on the width of the motors i can fit on there im possibly looking for these

Should be good for 10s👍 Look for motor mounts which you can mount in both directions. If you mount one motor facing front and one facing back you shouldn’t get any problems with size at all

Thanks well hopefully next month I’m going to buy these trucks which are complete with motor mounts and some 83mm wheels

Looks very tight. I have actually trampa carve trucks which 12,5 inch and dual 6374 190kV motors. There is only a gap of about 5-8mm between the motors. The trucks you choose are 9inch ones

In my opinion, those mounts are not adjustable in belt tension. Go with single drive. So you would be better off spending 40£ on Calibers 2 from Bluetomato plus 50£ on @marcmt88 mount or @Boardnamics mount. And get a decent 6374 sensored motor.
It will be plenty of power plus you only need one vesc