Trampa Board for sale

Hows it going. So im selling my board because I ended up breaking my leg during work along with my ankle and there is no way im gonna get back soon. The board is brand new and was only ridden for testing. Im very upset I have to see it go but I can use the money and Its too hardcore for what just happened to me physically. The board is fully loaded Trampa setup with Etoxx Gear drives 5:1 APS motors, dual VESC6, custom 12s6p Samsung40T and trampa controller. Put in around 3,550$.


How much for the board? Can you ship the board?

I have $3,000.00 usd. Are you in USA?


Smokey wutsup. Tried calling you a few times and its going straight to voice-mail. Give me a shout when you can if your interested and I can tell you more about the board. Thanks

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Is this still available

Hello. Yes it is. Thanks

Price drop. 2,800

Price drop 2,700. If it goes unwanted here Im gonna create a listing on ebay to find potential buyers at original cost. Thanks!

Forgot to add it comes with a large charger. Here are some pics of the remote.

The charger is a 50ma charger so it can fully charge in a few hours. Cheers

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Wish I had the money for a board like this. Good luck selling.


A wise man once told me cancel your television subscription and you can afford anything you want.

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Get well soon mate

Thank you. Still gonna sell it but appreciate the sympathies. Shes ready to rip for anyone that loves the hobby. I know the price is steep but I put in 3,450 for the board and cant get hit any harder than its current price since the board is new with all new accessories. Cheers guys

how much is the cost for this board . where you are located .

Im located in the US but im willing to ship overseas through a carrier I work for. Price is 2,600* + shipping. Thanks for the interest!

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ohhh this is so expensive sorry. i have budget issue now a days

We all do in this time. No worries, stay safe.

Is possible to have just the power train/ vesc/vesc enclosure/tracks and tyre? I have the battery and the deck, Iā€™m from Italy, and Biggs battery travel slowly

Hi man are you still looking for a complete electric Trampa board ? I have 2 for sale in excellent condition , working perfectly. Let me know and i can tell u more info.

Hi Dwain, how much for the board? Whats the different between these?