Trampa build need help

Hello everyone

I have build a trampa e board with vesc’s running 12s

I have been having some trouble with the bldc tool and or a motor or vesc

One motor seems to work great but the other seems to clunk and not detect the hull sensor


Here is some video of the issue


Here are some tool screen shots

Did you disable PPM, apply settings, and reboot. Then measure all parameters in the FOC tab click apply and then enable PPM again and reboot one last time?

I didn’t have ppm disabled the first time but I just re did the (measure r and l ) followed by (measure A (req:r) followed by (calc CC) and it donsent help. It will now only spin that motor in sensorless mode when I enable hall it doesn’t even spin

Seems after re running all the detention steps again it works in hall mode after I brought my battery voltage up to 40v but there is still a knocking noise in the motor

i guess u could try swapping the motor leads over to the other esc, then you could pin point if it actually is esc related

thats a good idea lunasicc I’ll try that

in the mean time here is a video showing the noise and some fun testing

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Something is wrong with the hall sensor / the vesc. The ticking sound only audible when you’re riding in low speed (with hall sensor mode on). I also have quite similar issue, one of my hall sensor didn’t even get detected with BLDC mode. Maybe @trampa can shed some light here.

For that price they just could add double or triple halls-.-

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You need to check if that is a mechanical issue or a motor sound. How tight is your belt? I would say its the bearing in the spoke. Maybe you have some play there.

Please do the following: De-tension your belt, unwind the wheel nut, take out the outer bearing, take out the bearing spacer, drop your bearing back in and carefully tighten up your wheel nut, just to the point where any play is eliminated. You can check that by putting your board on the side and trying to push / pull the wheel up and down. Eliminate any Play.

Now ride again and see if the noise is still there.


Thanks everyone I will dissasemble and pin point the source tonight. I also have heel straps on the way so once this knocking is gone the jumping begins


There is another thing you should change. The motor cables need to be rerouted and fixed to the aluminium bard around the motor. This prevent that the motor cables will brake after a while. This is easy to to and will help your motor cables to stay healthy.


Thanks for all the help I will do both as soon as work doesn’t get in the way

As for the price of the components I have had cheaper parts and they don’t compair so far

The quality of trampa is top notch down to every bolt

So I took everything apart and fixed the spacer in place with lock tight. Not quite sure where the sound was coming from but it is gone now.

The next step is to figure out why one motor fails the hall setup under f o c

Then I need more torque i am cogging a lot on take off and I don’t think I should at118 kv and 12s

Halls should work seamless. Did you try to ride your board reversed, motors in front, pulling.


This seems to be my biggest problem now

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I have only been trying foc should I try set it up on bdlc?

So I took it out foc and sensorless and now I have quite a bit of torque

So the fact that the board runs great sensorless and fails the detect sensor tests leads me to believe I have faulty sensors of incorrect programming

Also would the larger tires at a lower pressure work well for more traction ?

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