Trampa decks elephant in the room

So I built up a trampa street carver dual 6374 12s that is a freaking rocket ship. I put 107mm wheels on it and it rolls over everything.

It is however extremely hard to stay on compared to other boards I’ve ridden. The deck is dead flat side to side so there is no lip to press against. Also if you don’t get the 14ply the camber makes it like you are standing in an excersize ball end to end.

Is there any chance that there will be a revised street deck in the future that will address the concerns for people riding a street setup without any sort of binding system?


That’s why a lot of people don’t ride trampa decks, I don’t for that exact reason. Additionally I’ve got an aluminum deck that I paid 125 for, paid to have mounting rails welded, spent another 2 days painting and gripping, before I ever rode it. Rides like a brick :grinning:.

I doubt trampa will be redesigning decks anytime soon, but I could be wrong. He’s pretty busy with the VESC 6 and gummies, neither of which I understand.


Perhaps @trampa (frank) will take note of people’s preferences. They seemed to be pretty fast to jump on esk8 bandwagon so it only makes business sense to make a street variation that does suit not having to use bindings

Frank posted a picture of “normal” decks that are in the works a while back.

I have to agree that curvature is a really odd feeling, a bit like this

…or more like a

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you just explained your aluminum board that rides like a brick… So I’m not gonna question why you don’t understand the gummies, flexible carbon decks, or vesc 6 :joy:

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I don’t like the lack of concave, flex and CF don’t come into it. The gummies are just kinda pointless, there are 6in airless wheels and 107mm Flywheels. The VESC6…I could by 2.5 FocBoxes which are smaller and do everything I want to do.


You can’t put a lip on a CF deck if you still want flex… it goes against the strength properties of CF.

7ply rock maple with a narrower carbon core would solve all of those problems.


I understand that CF decks have limitations when it comes to concave, that maple/bamboo decks cant compete with CF flex. I’m not arguing the merits, I would just rather have concave…me, personally, nobody else, just me. that is all.

I am pretty sure the trampa decks are fiberglass with colored resin, not carbon fiber. Flat decks are a carry over from snow boarding with bindings, not really what you want in an actual skateboard.


Yeah, I just can’t stand a flat deck. I’ve tried it 3 times and even with bindings it’s just to slippery.

That wasn’t aimed at you mate, was for OP.

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This is the story with Trampa decks. Ive been riding trampa holypro for over a year all the time. high speed in traffic and offroading. Before my trampa I’m used to flying at 40mph on my stiff Bustin Robot no wobble at all. I used to try to hit those speeds on my trampa for a few months, then ineveitablity of its instability shows and wobbles and catapult you head first into the street especially if you have straps. I though it was a one time fluke but then it happens to me again at even slower speeds. Then all my friends started to fly off. Even @Kaly the Urban Carver master himself was thrown off. (Although @Nate somehow rides his above 35mph and doesnt get wobbles…) This deck shape and flex alone make unsuitable for riding above 25mph. kind of like a big boosted loaded vanguard deck. also turning without straps due to not having any side lips to push on, and the trucks being harder to turn.

All this being said the trampa is the perfect amazing Lamborghini of all boards when it comes to offroading. I have the best time offroading with this monster deck specifically because of its flex and deck shape and trucks. it mushy and controllable perfect for offroading. But NOT for racing down the highway with cars,

I think this sums it up. Trampa is first and foremost a company built on offroading sports. They only just being using on the street suddenly. Dont be fooled into thinking u will be able to ride it very fast on the street. Use it for what its best at, shredding off-road up a mountain.


Or really shitty roads with a ton of potholes? :smiley:


Amen, bro.

So what’s the deal with flex and concave, can someone please explain?

Never built a deck before, but I friended someone last year out on a ride that does some sick cf work. I’d hoped to try and build a Trampa-like MTB deck, but with the offcenter concave of the MBS comp 95.

Perhaps I’m a bit bow legged, because I’ve never had any issues with camber on my Trampa (can ride for days on street at ~30mph w/no soreness or wobbles). Same w/the flat MBS though. Definitely prefer the flex and camber, but I would like to get some concave as well if possible.

I think idea is that although it is doable, a proper shaped board would be tremendously more stable. My guess is if I hopped on an Evo or something similar I could cruise at 40mph like it’s nothing if I can semi comfortable ride the trampa at 30+

I dunno tho never tried it hah

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Would you mind expanding a bit on what you mean by the the lip interfering with flex properties of the CF?

I’m aware that a stiff deck w/out camber would be better for high speeds, but I’m really not trying to get too crazy with it (36-37mph at most I think).

Well, demonstrate it yourself with some cereal box card. Cut out one of the large faces so you have some flat card, roughly A4 size. Pick it up each end and bend it/flex it in the middle… Easy right? Now from each side, not each end, roll it in to a half pipe shape, making sure it keeps its shape as best it can, then do the same test… If it keeps its half pipe shape, it can’t flex now… Same with putting a lip in a sheet of CF.

You’re welcome :thumbsup: