Trampa materials

Today I broke my board, trigger just stuck at acceleration and board hit wooden door frame after accelerating just for 2 meters. Outcome ? Bended steel kingpin, hanger and base plate. I work on CNC machines and I know how hard is to bend good quality aluminium. I was Trampa fanboy for over a year, today I lost this faith. How come this even could happen ? Do you have similar cases ? And do you have any idea how to fix it ?


Did the deck brake?

No, the rest is still fine. Broken frame : damn If this is Trampa killer then I scare for other people.

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But can you confirm the wooden frame wasn’t built out of mahogany from the planet Malchior VII where trees grow three hundred feet tall and breathe fire?

Ma… hogany…

Very nice material…

Really expensive…


Dude this is cheap frame from literally 50 years ago :stuck_out_tongue: Dorm where it happens was build in PRL (Polish light Communism) :smiley:

Post a pick of the board

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This is getting closer to nigh-indestructible mahogany in my book. But yeah, post a pic of the board, not the frame. :slight_smile:

Full throttle a ~30lbs board into a solid object and complain that the trucks are low quality

seems legit :joy::rofl:


2 meters of acceleration at 35% of 12S4P 25R battery on 6,5inch tyres ,14:66 gear ratio. Not fast at all.

20190304_222128 20190304_222047

Hard to See but on ride it turn left pretty hard (pics after bending kingpin to tolerable straightness)

Can you make a cartoon animation. I am having trouble visualising this. thanks


Sorry this topic is not for kids without imagination. Start your Trampa shitstorm somewhere else :wink:

Next time, keep an eye on your remote. We all do dumb shit. Important to take responsibility :slight_smile:


I guess in general this wasn’t about distance and speed. It was how fast speed could be achieved, aka torque. With some boards I bet getting some insane acceleration is possible even in the shortest distance when you go 0-100 literally. :smiley:

I guess it also did some kind of a wheelie to hit the truck hard.

Shame to hear about the board pal, doesn’t look to bad. Take the hanger off and check that (it’s prob fine), kingpins will prob be fine too. Looks like the baseplate may be bent though. What is the bushing it the middle ? Looks different ?


Bushing is my made from beryllium bronze, not bended. And dude kingpin before I bended it back look really bad. I love my board and my heart is broken. In about few days aluminium rims will come and I cannot put it on ;(

Could just be the pic but that left side axle (right in picture) looks bent to me. Does it wobble really bad?

Pretty sure that’s a titanium kingpin. Wow! If that’s bent.

Has the metal bushing you’ve added made an imprint into the aluminium? If it has that won’t help either.

But yeah, don’t think the kit is to blame here. Get in touch with Trampa. I’m sure they will help you out with replacements.

I second this.

I once bent down to turn my board off when i arrived at work . . . had my remote in my hoodie pocket. My street carver shot off across the office, grazed a wall, flipped over and spilled lipo’s across the floor.

Happens to the best of us.

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venom121212 you are right, I did not see it, it is getting worse every second. No wobble at all.

No marks at all from bushings, or Trampa makes from poor material or my board is really powerful… I don’t know.